Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Jaejoong Returns To The Twitterverse With Christmas Trees And JiJi

Unable to handle the disrespect of hackers, JYJ's Jaejoong left the Twitterverse early November. But perhaps missing the interaction with fans, Jaejoong returned to the open arms of his fans when he created a new Twitter account.

Starting out fresh, JAejoong tweeted under the handle @bornfreeonekiss on December 1, "Start!"
The first tweets was followed by "There are a lot of people who wanted me to return to Twitter...So i've returned. To commemorate the event, here's a picture of sleeping JJ."

Then on Decemcer 2, he wrote "Lets all laugh to our heart's content," and "JiJi for the first in awhile".
Fans welcomed the singer, currently actor, in delight. As of December 3, Jaejoong has over 147,000 followers and growing. Meanwhile, Jaejoong recently released his new movie The Jackal Is Coming.

Photo Credit : @bornfreeonekiss
Credit : Enewsworld
Shared by : @mjjejae_mira & JYJ3

Welcome Back To Our Precious Jaejoong!!

Jaejoong is back!!

I just know about the great news this morning.. Early last November, Jaejoong leave Twitterverse due to disrespect of hackers when they hacked his @mjjeje account.. Because of it, thousands of his fans feel sad and pleading him to comeback.. And after almost a month 'break', (a/n : but i feel like a year >o<) on December 1st, Jaejoong back for real using a new account ----> @bornfreeonekiss 
As his truly i-fans, i am really delighted with this news.. Thank you so much Jaejoong.. Somehow i feel  this is the way you appreciate your fans by comeback to us because this is only the way i can feel you are so close to us.. I know you always work hard and we always stand beside and behind to give you full support!! Lets be his follower..
~~Lots of L.O.V.E from Us~~

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