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JYJ First Solo Concert in Peru Getting HOT

Peru is getting hot prior to JYJ's first solo concert in Peru.

JYJ is on perform at Explanada Su Del Estadio Monumental in Lima, Peru on March 11 with 5,000 attendees. JYJ decide to increase the number of seats by 1,000 after discussing with the event management company, due to explosive requests by local fans.

C-Jes, JYJ's management company comment, "Fans requesting extra tickets and number of concerts were extremely high. However, due to the schedule, it's impossible for JYJ to add the number of concert, but decided to add 1,000 seats for standing area. 5,000 initial tickets were sold out within two days on Jan 13, the additional 1,000 tickets were sold out immediately".

Local media covered JYJ fans sleeping on the street to purchase the VIP tickets back in January.

Source : Sports Donga
Credit : Kpopstarz
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Japanese Fans: “Petition To Demand For JYJ To Have Freedom In Japanese Activities”

T/N : This is the summarize version of the petition for the court. Please go this website ( to read the full version of the petition.

Petition yo demand for JYJ to have freedom in japanene activities
Organizer : Japan Fancafe JYJ Their Rooms
Submitted to : Tokyo District Court
Start Date : 09/02/2012

JYJ is currently in a trial against Avex regarding their contract.

Even though they are foreigners, the reason for this litigation is because of the large number of fans who are waiting for the restart of their Japanese activities.

We, JYJ's Japanese fans, had been thinking of ways to support them who are currently engaged in the trial and had decided to submit the petition to the court.

JYJ who couldn't escape the constraint from Avex, even a day faster, we would like to send our voice to the court and also JYJ of our wish for them to be able to restart their activities in Japan again. The petition and the signature shall be submitted to the court through C-Jes's representative attorney. We planned to submit the petition on next trial fixed date, so we planned to finish this before the planned end date (only real name, nicknames are unjustifiable). 

Signature project details
Petition to demand for JYJ to have freedom in Japanese activities.

1. On September 16th, 2010, Avex suddenly announced JYJ's hiatus in Japanese activities, thus taking away to possibility of JYJ's Japanese activities and the fans chance to listen to JYJ's singing.

2. Furthermore, for Avex, in regards of the activity hiatus, had recognized the hiatus as a one-sided fact and using this as the reason, explained it to the media and HP through claims, spreading it via twitter of their staff ect, hence profoundly hurting JYJ and C-Jes status in Japan.

3. Despite after the announcement of JYJ's hiatus, Avex continued selling JYJ's CD and DVD without JYJ's consent. They also work together with Oricon in not including the total sale of both items on the Oricon ranking. Fans wanted to support the artist and JYJ's product by putting them on the ranking, but both companies had merely scheme the conduct as a way to gain profit for their own benefit, thus making the fans to lose their faith in the companies.

4. JYJ's June 2011's charity event (Tokyo) and Novembers's concert (Ibaraki), Avex turn a deft eat to many fan's wish and continue putting pressure on he venue and related person in charge in order to cause the activities to be suspended.

5. And the JYJ, who had even now been suspended in activities since a year and a half, due to Avex influence in Japan's entertainment industry, could not have freedom in doing Japanese activities.

W cannot condone anymore of Avex's continuous persistent disturbance on JYJ's activities, and as consumers, this actions had cause a large mental anguish. We cauld deduce from this kind ofinconsistency in Avex's speech and conduct, the company's objective of publication is not the reason for JYJ's hiatus in activities, but their goal is to bind JYJ by the contract without any actions (to solve the problem) but, nothing more than to deprive them in Japan's entertainment world.   

In addition, South Korea has enlistment system in which around 2 years, they would have to undergo their military duties and will not be able to have their artist activities. Since the three members of JYJ are in middle of the twenties, it won't be weird if they are enlisted. Taking in the consideration that for South Korean's young male artist, the activities up until their military enlistment influence the importance of their lifetime, we seek for immediate solution to solve this problem.

Apart from South Korea and Japan, JYJ has fans from all parts of the world. Their worldwide fans naturally defends JYJ to have their (JYJ) human right respected, thus they also wished for JYJ to have freedom in doing their activities, thus the fans are paying close attention of this trial in Japan. For the judgement, we humbly request to please the freedom in he artist's activities and human right, and to also consider each and every fan's feeling who loves the artist.

We JYJ's Japanese fans wished from the bottom of our heart for the court's sense of justice of a prompt judgment for the liberty of JYJ from Avex and South Korea's SM Ent unfair disturbance and the freedom of JYJ's Japanese activities.   


On February 29th, 2012 at 00:19 hours
Target signature : 10,000 now it's up to 17,100
Goos Job Japanese Fans ^_^

Trans by : Helly of JYJ3
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Gifts From Jaejoong’s International Fans

~~ Louis Vuitton Ace Sneaker in Leather and Damier Canvas~~ 

~~Burberry Military Field Jacket~~ 

~~Armani Exchange Wings Shirt~~ 

PrinceJJ Project will also include the following :
~~CD of Birthday Video for Jaejoong~~

~~Coyp of Certificate of Donation to World Vision for Mango Tree Project on Behalf of JYJ International Fans~~

~~ PrinceJJ Cards ~~

There will be delivered by one of PrinceJJ's team member to Korea 

Note from PrinceJJ : 
Again, thank you for your support and contributions!
We are currently making preparations for our next project : Fan-support for Jaejoong's new drama!
Please look forward to our announcements, to be release soon! ^^
Sincerely, PrinceJJ admins. 

List of donors HERE
Credit : PrinceJJ
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JYJ Win 2 Remarkable Awards 2011 Of “German Korean Entertainment Awards”

Credit :  RemarkableForumvia @fathiah
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[Pic] Jaejoong Featured On Turkish Music Magazine Blue Jean

Source : Blue Jean
Credit :
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Jaejoong Twitter Exceeds 750,000!!

JYJ's Kim Jaejoong twitter exceeded 750,000 followers. He was chosen once again as #1 under "Short Awards" for second year in a row.

His followers are not only from Korea, but inclide Thailand, Japan, Taiwan, China and many different countries.

Since the group debuted in 2010 they have gathered a total of 1.9 Million followers all combined. Jaejoong is more active followed by Yoochun Junsu with 574,899 and 555,098 followers respectively.

JYJ currently is preparing for their South America tour in Chile and Peru next month.

Credit : kpopstarz
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Jaejoong Featured On Turkish Newspaper “Hürriyet”

Kim jaejoong madness!

Another proof of Korea madness is Korean singer and actor JYJ Kim Jaejoong's Turkey visit 500 tickets are sold out only in half an hour and there were hundreds of people who couldn't get the tickets.

Credit : Hürriyet + Beril Bilgili + JYJ Turkey
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JYJ's With Their Beloved Mom

Credit : Come On Over
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JYJ in Junior Magazine March Issue

Jaejoong smile!~!! ^x^

Credit : JYJ Daum Telzone + Baidu
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Saturday, February 25, 2012

A Lot Of Famous Stars Are JYJ Fan!!!?

When JYJ has really creative fans.. It's awesome!!
They looks so real, right?!

Credit : JYJ_Reborn
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Ku Sangkakan "Sampah" Rupanya......

Nampak tak paruh panjangnya....

Orang lain punya la susah payah bela burung dalam sangkar tapi burung ni dengan gembiranya sangkut rumah dia kat lampu liplap liplap depan rumah ku. Tak tahu la burung jenis apa, kecik je saiznya tapi paruh panjang siap lentik lagi.. Mula-mula ingatkan sampah ntah datang dari mana tiba-tiba tersangkut kat situ. Siap pegi tunjal-tunjal lagi dengan harapan nak buang la 'sampah'nya.. 

The next day, perasan ada sekor burung kuning terbang dekat-dekat situ, pastu dongak punya dongak baru la nampak ada penghuni rupanya. Mujur tak digunting buang sarangnya.... Tengok pada saiz sarang, bentuk dan bahan yang digunakan, rasa kagum dengan kebolehan makhluk kecil ni.

Sake Of Health


Friday, February 24, 2012

JYJ’s "The Day" Ranks No.1 In Ticket Sales

JYJ's documentary movie The Day, released on February 23, ranked first in ticket sales, beating Nameless Gangster.

On February 24, the Korean Film Commission reported that the ticket share of The Day was 17.8%. This is higher than the share of Nameless Gangster, which is 17.0%.

The Day is a documentary film about JYJ member's life and dream. It went through a hard time before it was released. It was expected to air on QTV at first but was cancelled, and later it was planned to be released in CGV but was again cancelled. Eventually, it was exclusively released in Lotte Cinema.

The Day is playing once or twice a day from February 23 to 26. The number of theaters playing the movie is eight in Seoul, five in Gyeonggi, four in Gyeongsang and two in both Chungcheong and Jeolla.

After The Day and Nameless Gangster, hauling ranked third with the share of 12.2% and Man on a Ledgeranked fourth with 11.8%. 
Source : TV Report
Credit : en.korea
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Homemade "Apam Balik"

Ringkas, mudah & cepat...  Semudah ABC.... =D
Bahan-bahan :-
a) 2 cawan tepung gandum
b) 1/2 cawan gula pasir
c) 4 sudu teh serbuk penaik
d) 1/2 sudu teh garam halus
e) 1 sudu minyak masak
f) 1/2 sudu susu dibancuh dengan 2 cawan air

Inti :-
a) Gula pasir secukupnya 
b) Jagung @ kacang tanah yg telah dikisar (optional)

Cara-cara :-
1. Campurkan semua bahan kedalam mangkuk.
2. Whisk dengan kelajuan maksimum hingga kembang (buih-buih kelihatan)
3. Panaskan 'nonstick pan' dan masukkan sesenduk adunan.
4. i) Untuk apam balik nipis - Ratakan adunan macam nak buat lempeng tapi jangan terlalu nipis.
    ii) Untuk apam balik tebal - Jangan ratakan adunan.
5. Taburkan gula pasir & kacang tanah @ jagung.
6. Tutup kuali dan biarkan hingga kelihatan kekuningan/garing dikeliling adunan.
7. Lipat 2 dan boleh diangkat.

Tips :
i) Sukat menggunakan apa-apa saiz cawan pun tak kisah asalkan semua bahan-bahan disukat dengan cawan yang sama.
ii) Kalau guna cawan yang terlalu besar / kecil, pastikan jumlah penggunaan tepung penaik bersesuaian ye, kalau tak nanti terbantut pulak apam baliknya.
iii) Sedap dimakan ketika masih panas. 

Jaejoong Win Shorty Awards Vox Populi (People’s Choice)

 +++ News Mentioning Jaejoong+++

[ORIGINAL TITLE (by LA Times)] Nick Cannon signs on to judge social media's Shorty Awards 

Credit : Shorty Awards + LA Times
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JYJ's Three Different Charisma

Hero Kim Jae Joong 

Micky Park Yoo Chun

Xiah Kim Jun Su

The trio JYJ managed to melt anyone heart with their personalities.. 
Credit : As tagged
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JYJ “The Day” Theater Tour – Jaejoong Focus

Falling deep and deeper... JYJ fighting!!! >__< 

Credit : As tagged
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