Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Jaejoong’s Charismatic Eyes

Kim Jaejoong's picture has everyone talking about it.
In the picture corner of the MBC TV drama "Dr.Jin" homepage, a picture was posted with the title, "Don't lose a single one!" It was a picture of Jaejoong dressed up as Kim Kyung Tak in the drama with eyes that look like they're about to penetrate the heart of whoever is looking.

In the picture, Jaejoong is on a horse with an aura that mesmerizes anyone who sees him. Fully clothed in the character uniform, Jaejoong looks different from the head of department role in "Protect The Boss". Those who have seen this say, "Kim Jaejoong is going to penetrate my heart", "How could his eyes be so charismatic?", "How can he be so talented is singing and acting?" and more.

Credit : TV Report + Hancinema
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Friday, May 25, 2012

From Aizamia To "The Rising Gods Of The East"

~Always Keep The Faith~
Annyeong (^^,)/
I used my blog as a platform to dedicate this entry special for one of my twitter friends ~ @aizamiabooJJ.. She was a truly Cassie, Jaejoong bias, YunJae hardcore shipper and AKTF on the name of TVXQ5.. I re-write and re-post her expression and feeling towards 5ive of TVXQ5 members. Indeed i feels touched by her tweed show the proof how she know and understand the boys very well...

  @aizamiabooJJ to Jaejoong : "I don't believe in Jaejoong because he is my bias but i believe in him because he has the most soft spot from TVXQ"

 @aizamiabooJJ to Junsu : "I don't believe in Jun-chan because he is the angel in TVXQ but he loves the most when the group is living as ONE"

@aizamiabooJJ to Yoochun : "I don't believe in Yoochun because he is the good man in TVXQ but he is that sensitive, he will love and appreciate the group as a strong bond"

 @aizamiabooJJ to Yunho : "I don't believe in Yunho because he is the leader of TVXQ but he is the most sensible person i ever know"

@aizamiabooJJ to Changmin : "I don't believe in Changmin because he is the youngest maknae of TVXQ but he loves his brothers more than anyone else out three"

@aizamiabooJJ to TVXQ5 : "I don't believe in TVXQ because they are my idols but with the strong bond they shared, for me everything is possible... have some faith...^^"

Source & credit : @aizamiabooJJ
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Mother's Day & BBQ Party

Assalamualaikum... Selamat Hari Ibu aka Happy Mothers's Day..
Agak terlewat entry nya, Hari Ibu biasanya disambut pada hari Ahad minggu kedua pada bulan Mei setiap tahun tapi takpe, pada saya hari-hari pun hari ibu.. ^_____^

Ni la projeknya, sambil sambut hari ibu, buat BBQ sekali..  
Mak ku yang tercayang bersama Indulgent cake nya...
 Separuh kitorang dah tolong sattlekan.. ehehehhe.. Yummy!!

Sesi panggang memanggang makanan laut dan darat~BBQ Time...
Makanan dalam bekas biru tu dipanggil Homemade Coleslaw...  

"Selamat Hari Ibu kepada EmakKu Puan Halijah Bt Hussin, Love You So Much"

Prawn Nugget Sempoi ^^

Satu soalan... ~ Pernah try?
Sama je macam makan burger, makan dengan roti burger cuma asasnya prawn nugget dan bezanya prawn nugget ni digoreng... memang sedap. Ni pun 1st time cuba dan tak mengecewakan... Tak caya, cuba la... ^^,)v

[Resepi] Kari Sotong aka Sotong Berempah

Kari sotong tanpa menggunakan santan
Bahan-bahan A (hiris) :
a) 1 biji bawang besar
b) 2 ulas bawang putih
c) 1 inci halia
d) 2 tangkai daun kari

Bahan-bahan B :
a) 10 ekor sotong saiz sederhana
b) 4 sudu makan rempah kari ikan
c) 1 biji tomato
d) Minyak untuk menumis
e) Garam secukupnya
f) Air secukupnya

Cara membuatnya :
1. Panaskan minyak dan tumis bahan yang dihiris hingga nauk bau.
2. Masukkan rempah kari ikan dan kacau hingga garing.
3. Masukkan sotong, kacau hingga layu kemudian masukkan air, tomato dan garam secukupnya.
4. Biarkan mendidih seketika dan sedia untuk dihidang.

Tips : Kalau letak lebih kuah jadi la kari sotong tapi kalau tak berkuah jadi la sotong berempah. Tapi kali ni saya buat berkuah.

[Resepi] Asam Pedas Ayam Berserai

Bahan-bahan A (kisar)
a) Cili kering
b) Bawang putih
c) Bawang besar
d) Halia

Bahan-bahan B 
a) Ayam dibersihkan
b) 1 batang serai
c) Daun kesum
d) 1 biji tomato
e) 1 cawan air asam jawa
f) Air secukupnya
g) Garam secukupnya
h) Minyak untuk menumis

Cara menbuatnya :
1. Panaskan minyak dan tumis bahan-bahan yang telah dikisar sehingga garing.
2. Masukkan ayam, serai dan gaul seketika kemudian masukkan air asam dan air yang mencukupi.
3. Biarkan hingga ayam empuk.
4. Masukkan tomato, daun kesum & garam. Biarkan hingga kuah agak pekat dan pecah minyak.
5. Sedia untuk dihidang.

A/N : Ni resepi asam peda guna serai tapi secara peribadi saya lebih suka asam pedas Melaka yang tak pakai serai. Tepuk dada tanya selera ^_________^ 

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Jaejoong’s Visit To "Fan Meeting In Taiwan" Paralyzes The Airport

On May 23rd, JYJ's JAejoong visited Taiwan for his "2012 KIM Jae Joong Fan Meeting In Taipei" event in promotion for his drama "Protect Tahe Boss".

From the moment of his arrival, Jaejoong was greeted by the deafening cheers of 600 fans that had gathered at the airport. An official of the airport revealed, "It was supposed to be a brief visit just for his fan meeting so we didn't think so many people would show up at the airport." Local newspapers reported that his arrival had actually paralyzed the airport.

Event sponsors revealed,"Protect The Boss" has recently successfully concluded its run in Taiwan, but the passion for the drama still runs high, as there have been discussions for runs in the future. We released 2,500 seats for the fan meet, and all of them were sold out within seconds of going on sale, with the actual server crashing in a mean time. We're all surprised with Jaejoong popularity."

Jaejoong kicks off his fan meet with live performances of his "Protect The Boss" OST before moving on to playing games with his fans, revealing what he keeps in his personal bag, and a final performances of "No Gain", a self-composition included in fellow member Junsu's solo album. 

Jaejoong stated, "It's been a year since i last visited Taiwan last year for our world tour. I missed you all. Thank you for the unchanging support. I hope that my fans has much fan during these two hours as i had. I hope to see you again soon." 

Source + photos : Star N News via Naver
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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Fan-Made USB For Jaejoong Gathers Attention

 A present showing a fans's love for JYJ member Jaejoong has been revealed. Jaejoong had attended the MBC new drama "Time slip Dr.Jin" press conference in the Lotte Hotel in Sogongdong, Seoul and fans has prepared a special present to show their support for Jaejoong.
Jaejoong's fans came together, and prepare a press kit for Jaejoong's role in "Time Slip Dr.Jin" Kim Kyung Tak, which included coffee, an uchiwa, a tumbler and others as a present. Among there, the present that capture the most attention was the USB made in the image of Jaejoong. With one glance, you can see that this doll-shaped USB bears Jaejoong's special features including a mole, and was produced well.
(Repeated Portions Omitted)

Source : kstarnews
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Jaejoong Tweets Tired Selca Series

Group JYJ member Kim Jaejoong revealed a set of 9 selcas.
In the early hours of May 23rd, Kim Jaejoong tweeted, "So sleepy that i'm old even have two double eyelids" along with a picture. Then Kim Jaejoong followed up with another tweet that read, "Tired~Ah~!" along with a set of 9 selcas.

In the picture, Jaejoong is wearing a beige V-neck shirt looking at the camera. The set of 9 selcas Jaejoong revealed especially draws the eyes as he is yawns with his mouth wide open. Netizen comments on handsome JYJ's pictures include : "Time Slip Dr.Jin" filming must be really rough", "Even with the two double eyelids so cool Kim Jaejoong", "I wanna see the drama already", and "the scent of a man..." 

Kim Jaejoong will be appearing in the MBC drama "Time Slip Dr.Jin" in the role of Kim Kyung Tak. "Time Slip Dr.Jin" will premier on May 26th at 9:50PM

Source : TV Daily via Nate
Credit : KpopFever
[News] JYJ's Kim jaejoong Tweets Tired Picture Searies

What's better that one Kim Jaejoong? How about 10?
On May 23rd, Kim Jaejoong took time from his busy schedule to tweet, "I'm so tired i've aged and double eyelids have formed. I'm so tired~ah~!"

The first picture showed 9 different cuts of Kim Jaejoong while wearing a beige-colored V-neck. In it, Kim Jaejoong could be seen making a yawning expression. Another large and close-up picture revealed a better look at his tired and 'aged' face.
Netizens commented, "Your drama filming schedule must be tiring", "Even with double eyelids you still look good" and "I want to see you in your drama already." Kim Jaejoong is currently filming for his MBC drama "Time Slip Dr.Jin" which will premier on May 26. 

Source : @mjjeje
Credit : Enewsworld
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Action-Comedy "Jackal Is Coming" Begins Shooting

Filming has begun on The Jackal Is Coming, an action comedy movie that pretty much hooked my interest with its one-line premise : A bungling killer (Song JiHyo) is hired ti kidnap an pop singer (Jaejoong) and fails in multiple ways to kill him. There's no mention of it in the description so far, but does she also fall in love with him? That's the obvious conclusion, isn't it? Obvious in the way of Korean movie and dramas, i mean, not obvious in the way of life, because that's just insane.

The casting seems pretty spot-on, and the goofy plot line has plenty of comic possibilities. I'm basically seeing it as another version of the Myung-wol The Spy concept, except hopefully funnier, and with a hopefully less asstastic hero. Basically i'm just looking for somebody to reboot the premise and do it justice, since i want it to work, despite the mess that the series was.   

Meanwhile, the pop singer will also have a dogged, invasive stalker (the kind knows as a "sasaeng fan," which describes those fans with no concept of boundaries or privacy concerns when it comes to their favorite idol oppas), played by Joo MinHa (Queen Of Housewives).

There stills come from the movie's first shoots, taken in a factory where our heroine, Song JiHyo, finds herself in the midst of a police chase. The role calls for a decent amount of action, as there stills suggest, ad i think i've seen enough a Ace jiHyo on Running Man to say she's up to the task.

Ther movie plans to release later this year.


Credit : Dramabeans via Osen 
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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Jaejoong Got A Baby!!

And the baby is...
Tadaaaaaaa.... baby elephant "PaGhreyJae" ^^

Baby PaGhreyJae and Mom Moghrey

[Info] Elephant Hospital "Friends of Asian Elephant" names their baby elephant after Jaejoong.
The founder of FAE (Friends of Asian Elephant, the world's first elephant hospital) tweeted :  

  Now Jaejoong has his own zoo call #JaeZoo included Dog (Vick), cats (Jiji + Yoyo), parrot (cameo in COO DVD) and 'PaGhreyJae' the baby elephant... ehehehee Jaejoong is so lovely =D

Credit : @soraidasalwala
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Thursday, May 17, 2012

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