Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Welcome Back To Our Precious Jaejoong!!

Jaejoong is back!!

I just know about the great news this morning.. Early last November, Jaejoong leave Twitterverse due to disrespect of hackers when they hacked his @mjjeje account.. Because of it, thousands of his fans feel sad and pleading him to comeback.. And after almost a month 'break', (a/n : but i feel like a year >o<) on December 1st, Jaejoong back for real using a new account ----> @bornfreeonekiss 
As his truly i-fans, i am really delighted with this news.. Thank you so much Jaejoong.. Somehow i feel  this is the way you appreciate your fans by comeback to us because this is only the way i can feel you are so close to us.. I know you always work hard and we always stand beside and behind to give you full support!! Lets be his follower..
~~Lots of L.O.V.E from Us~~

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