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[Pic+Vid] Jaejoong At 2011 SBS Drama Awards

Hero Kim Jaejoong on red carpet at 2011 SBS Drama Awards
soooo manly beauty, how lucky he was with those doe-like eyes >////<  *faints* haha

Friday, December 30, 2011

[Pic] YooChun And Yoohwan At 2011 MBC Drama Arwards

JYJ's, Micky Park Yoochun and his beloved baby brother Ricky Park Yoohwan on red carpet attending 2011 MBC Drama Arwards.. They looked sooooo smart and handsome >/////<

JYJ : Nine Live + Lyric Translation

너는 사랑이란 걸 아니?
do you know what's call love?
아냐 사실 나도 모르겠어...
no~ in fact I have no idea about it too...
단지 모르는 게 Ye
just don't know it Ye
가슴이 뜨겁고 막 뛰고 자꾸 눈물이 흘러 나
my heart feels hot and I keep running and keep tearing up
어떻게 해야하는 거니.
what should I do?
찾아가 무릎 꿀으면 되니...
Should I go pleading with bent knees?
나도 모르게 Ye
I don't know too Ye
계속 너를 찾고 또 뛰고, 걷다 보면 또 제자리야
I keep finding you and running, I'm back to the original spot even when I keep walking
Do you not love me Do you not want to forget

새로 시작하려 해도
even if I want to start anew
쉽게 되지가 않는 우리 사랑
It doesn't seems easy for our love
내 기억. 추억들~
My memories. sweet memories~
더 이상 감출 수조차 없는 내가 되었으니~
I have become someone who can no longer hide it
지난 날은 잊어~
forget the old days~
오직 서로만 지켜 가면 돼
We just need to have the 2 of us
이제 우린 알 수 있잖아.
know we know it, don't we
말하지 않아도 알잖아
we know it even if we don't say it out
매일, 멀지 않던 어제만 소리 치면 되
tomorrow, we will shout out of the yesterday that isn't too far
말하지 못해서 미안해
i'm sorry that I can't say it
사랑한다 그대여
i love you my dear
몇 번이고 전화도 해봤어
maybe times i've tried calling
무슨 말을 할까 고민했어...
I've been thinking about what to say...
나도 모르게 Ye~
I don't know it too Ye~
잠을 자고 일어날 때도 계속 너를 찾게 되는 거야
even as I fall asleep and wake up, I can't stop myself from wanting to find you
날 봐 지금의 나를 봐
look at me, look at the me now
너무나 변해버린 내 모습 좀 어색하지만 기다려
Although it feels awakward because I've changed so much, wait
너무 멀어지지 말자 내 앞에 세상과 약속할테니
let's not be too far apart, I make a promise to the world ahead of me

lyrics taken from Lyrics Book distributed at the venue

[News] "Xiah Junsu Evergreen School"

Through the generous help of JYJ's Junsu, a small village in Cambodia was able to construct a school for its students.
On December 28th, 'Adra Korea' announced the establishment of a 'Kim Junsu School' that took five months to build. The school includes six classrooms, a bathroom and a clean water supply system.

The remote outback town is a part of the Pusat province and has a population of 1,500. It takes approximately three hours by car to travel to the capital. In a country that carries a suffering economy and health system, the town is considered one of the most impoverished within the country.

Junsu's mother, Yoon Young Mi, visited the area through the aid of a volunteer organization and asked locals what they needed the most. Without hesitation, they has said that they needed a school of their children. After hearing about their needs, Junsu set out to construct a school to aid in the education of impoverished children and to help them find a future and a goal. Touched, the local shared and donated everything they had to make it a possibility. 

The opening ceremony was attended by 500 students and their parents, along with the town officials. The new elementary students pun on a adorable show to express their gratitude. Junsu's mother returned the favor by expressing, “I hope to name this school the ‘Xiah Junsu Evergreen School’ so that the students can preserve dreams as fresh and green as the trees and grow their own futures. I hope that everyone will grow up to become an important leader of our future.”

Junsu wasn't able to attend due to his musical 'Elizabeth', but made sure to leave a message stating, I’d love to visit everyone the next time I get an opportunity and sing and dance with you all.”

The town also set up the gate with the message, ‘Kim Junsu Support Town’ to express their gratitude for all he's done.
Credit : allkpop
Source + Photos : Sports Chosun via Naver
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Heo Young Saeng : Releases "The Words On My Lips" OST

On December 27th, Heo Young Saeng teamed up with a famous music director, Park Sun Joo to create "The Words On My Lips" OST for JTBC"s drama Fermentation Family.

"The Words On My Lips" is about a man who wants of confess his love but is filled with fear and regret.

Heo Young Saeng's sweet voice matches well with the song's sad melody.

Meanwhile, Fermentation Family is about love and friendship that revolves around a Korean restaurant known especially for their kimchi.  

Credit : allkpop
Source + Image : Osen
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[Survey + Planning] Jaejoong Solo Fan Meeting In Malaysia 2012?

I read this news from Facebook a moment ago. Its all about our local promoter is exploring plan for Kim Jaejoong Solo Fan Meeting in Malaysia. But before proceeding with anything, they would like to see response from Malaysian fans. Date is to be confirm, but most probably to be held in first quarter of 2012.

Omg, hopefully its turn real. Please, please, please bring JJ or the trio JYJ to Malaysia either. As JYJ or individually is ok. I'll guarantee he has a lot of fans here. We definitely greeting him with warm smile, support and opened hand.


JYJ : Jaejoong $50,000 USD Donation

It's been revealed that JYJ's Jaejoong has donate $50,000 USD to his elementary and junior high school.

To Celebrate the year's end, Jaejoong donate $20,000 to Gongju Elementary, as well as $30,000 to Gongju Junior High School. The elementary school will be using the donation to upgrade their PCs, library, and drinking fountains. While the junior high school will be using it for scholarships, funding their reading program and supplying their special advanced placement classes. Both school will also be supplementing their baseball and swim teams.

Jaejoong stated, “To repay all of the love I’ve received all year, I realized that I wanted to go back and help my juniors where I was born and grew up. It would’ve been great if I could’ve met my teachers and juniors but I didn’t have the opportunity to. Should the chance arise, I’d love to visit someday. I hope that my juniors will be able to study in a better school environment after their winter break.”

Jaejoong also sent out his autographs and handwritten letters along with the donation to share with his juniors.

The registrar chief of Gongju Junior High expressed, “We’re grateful that Kim Jaejoong still thinks of his juniors even after graduating from the school. His juniors could not contain their excitement upon hearing about his donation. We’re extremely proud that a student from our school has become an amazing Hallyu star now and still has time to give donations. Like how Jaejoong used his talents to bloom and success, we hope that our juniors will become a talent to our country. Thank you for providing us with something special over the break.”

Credit : allkpop
Source + photos : TV Report via Naver 
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2011 Allkpop Awards : Let's VOTE JYJ "In Heaven" As Best Male Group

The 2nd annual allkpop Awards launched 19 days ago and the voting has been fierce. With the results purely decided by you~the allkpop readers. The allkpop Awards is the only true voice for international readers to have to choose who the best among the best!!

So JYJ fans, what are you waiting for, lets VOTE our best JYJ "In Heaven" for BEST MALE GROUP category. It's only left 3 days and 16 hours to go. You can vote once per day per category. So get your vote on everyday and lets crowned our JYJ. The winners will receive a customized allkpop crystal trophy!!  

Just click here to vote -----> allkpop awards:best male group and follow all the instruction. But before that, you must be logged into Facebook and have liked allkpop facebook page first then you may start to voting. Lets show our warm support for our awesome JYJ.

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JYJ : JaeJoong Relationship Confession

"He wanted to be in a relationship"
Omg... i'm totally sure a lot of fangirl will lost their mind if Jaejoong really be in relationship and fully envy to the lucky girl. Trust me. Anyway, that is Jaejoong confession during a recent broadcast of 'Choi Kang Hee's Night Flight'

He stated, “I wanted to walk the streets of Myungdong on Christmas day, but I haven’t had the chance to since my debut. I also want to date and be in a relationship, but haven’t gotten the chance to do that either.

When Choi Kang Hee asked, Would you make your relationship open to the public?Jaejoong humorously replied, If it’s with you, it would be fine.

Choi Kang Hee jokingly replied, Then you can walk the streets with me. I’ll walk with you. I’ll even let you use a free pass.

As a fans, i think we should support him in whatever he decide to do. If he really ready to be in relationship, why not. I know it's heart breaking, trust me but he also human right. It's human nature to be love and to be in love. He fully open his heart and give warm smile to us/fans since his debut so for his personal side, just support him without any reason.
Credit : allkpop
Source + Image: nate 
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2PM : Happy Birthday TaecYeon

Annyeong Haseyo..

My most favorite member among 2PM members, Ok Taecyeon. Celebrate his 23rd birthday (but 24 in Korea, December 27th, 1988) today. And Taec wrote on his twitter page, Thank u everyone!! I feel so loved tonight!! Everyone becareful not to catch cold and have a wonderful Okcat Day!!” How sweet with his green cat (picture). 

Taec dongsaeng Chukhayeyo.. Noona dangsin-eul sarang!! >///<
Wish you happy always and have a wonderful life. Taec and 2PM, hwaitting!!!

Monday, December 26, 2011

Happy 8th Anniversary DBSK!!

Annyeong Haseyo..

26th December 2003 until today, it's already 8 years since their 1st debuted. Thanks a lot cause always make my day cheerful. i really really miss 5ive of them to share same stage again, sing and dance for us your cassies. Always hope to hear jaejoongie, yoochunnie, junsu and homin said this classic line once again ''hana, duel, set : Annyeong Haseyo Dong Bang Shin Ki, imnida"   

Debut performance  - Hug

 Proud to be cassies and i will always support DBSK without any reason. 
 Always Keep The Faith!!
DBSK fighting!!

DBSK/TVXQ formerly

DBSK/TVXQ currently

[News] Park YooChun -Young Millionaire & The New King of Asia (Malaysian Newspaper)

Tajuk utama : GLAMOR, Park Yoochun Raja Baru Asia

GLAMOR Cover : Jutawan Muda, Park Yoochun Artis Asia Paling Popular laris di Korea & Jepun 

Tajuk Artikel : Pendapatan Park Yoochun RM31 Juta

Usianya baru menjangkau 25 tahun, namun pencapaian yang dicipta Park Yoochun barangkali mengundang cemburu  mereka yang turut memburu cita-cita sebagai anak seni.

Park Yoochun berada dalam senarai lima selebriti muda yang meraih pendapatan lumayan mencecah RM31 juta (USD 10 juta) setahun, sekaligus menjadi inspirasi kepada ramai anak muda lain untuk mencipta kegemilangan sepertinya.

Tidak hanya merai populariti di negara sendiri, Yoochun menjadi kegilaan peminat di Jepun. Ledakan populariti yang diraihnya membolehkan Yoochun menerima antara RM90,000 hingga RM100,000 untuk setiap kemunculan.

Keselesaan itu tidak diperoleh Yoochun sekelip mata. Permulaan hidupnya juga berdepan kesukaran, namun dia tidak mengalah serta berserah nasib kepada takdir.

Dilahirkan dan dibesarkan di Seoul, Korea pada 4 Jun 1985, keluarganya berhijrah ke Virginia, Amerika Syarikat (AS) pada usianya 13tahun.

"Mereka yang berada dikeliling mengandaikan penghijrahan ke AS itu akan merubah hidup saya. Mereka menyifatkan saya sebagai seorang yang bertuah.

"Mengimbas detik itu membuatkan saya tidak ingin mengulanginya lagi. Kedudukan kewangan keluarga saya parah, mendorong saya untuk bekerja keras," katanya.

Permulaan hidup mereka yang merentasi pelbagai kesulitan memberi impak yang besar kepada jejaka yang akrab disapa Micky dan Yuchun oleh peminatnya.

Bagaimanapun, segala-galanya berubah pada 2003 apabila SM Entertainment menganjurkan satu ujibakat di AS dan Yoochun terpilih dalam sesi itu. Bersama empat ahli lain, dia menyertai TVXQ dan meraih populariti pentas hingga dilabel sebagai bintang Asia, selain raja kepada gelombang Korea.

TVXQ meraih pelbagai pengiktirafan di negara sendiri, malah Yoochun menjadi antara tulang belakang yang mengukuhkan perjalanan kumpulan itu.

Pencapaian mereka tidak hanya di Korea. Populariti pentas TVXQ menjalar di Jepun dan seminggu selepas kemunculan pertama, mereka mula menyusun pelbagai aktiviti di Negara Matahari Terbit itu.

"Bakat penulisan yang dianugerahkan Tuhan mendorong Park Yoovhun untuk menulis lagu, Kiss The Baby Sky yang menjadi lagu tema sebuah program  berita pagi di Jepun membolehkannya menerima pendapatan lumayan.

Bagaimanapun, langit tidak selalu cerah. Pada 2009, Yoochun berdepan krisis terbesar yang mengundang pelbagai kemungkinan ketika karier seninya sedang memuncak.

Namun, kebimbangan itu beransur pergi apabila dia diberi peluang untuk memulakan sesuatu yang baru dalam karier seninya.

Dia memilih untuk bergelar pelakon dan menerusi SungKyunKwan Scandal yang dijual ke beberapa negara, royalti diterimanya mencecah RM20 juta. Ia juga diangkat sebagai drama televisyen paling digemari.

Peminatnya di Jepun mmberikan respon positif terhadap drama itu, sekali gus membolehkan Yoochun menerima sejumlah bayaran menerusi penjualan DVD.

Dia menerima RM951,000 untuk setiap episod drama, manakala RM380,000 lagi diterima daripada penjualan diluar negara sekali gus meletakkan Yoochun sebagai selebriti dengan pendapatan mencecah RM63 juta.

Tidak sekadar berlakon, Yoochun juga dinobatkan sebagai Artis Paling Popular Asia itu juga menyanyikan lagu tema untuk drama itu yang meraih pelbagai pengiktirafan dalam carta online.

Mereka juga menerbitkan album yang dijual melebihi 410,000 salinan, selain mengumpul jumlah jualan keseluruhan 780,000 salinan untuk beberapa single popular di Jepun.

Pada 2010, lebih 1.2 juta salinan album dijual yang secara tidak langsung menyumbang pendapatan lumayan kepada jejaka itu.

Pada pertengahan 2009, Yoochun bersama dua lagi anggota TVXQ, Kim JaeJoong dan Kim Junsu memfailkan saman terhadap SM Entertainment disebabkan kontrak berat sebelah.

Perbicaraan kes itu masih berjalan tetapi mahkamah membenarkan mereka untuk bergerak aktif dalam industri hiburan. Pada oktober 2010 mereka bergabung membentuk JYJ.

Populariti yang sedang mekar itu menjadikan trio itu, terutamanya Yoochun sebagai rebutan pengiklanan di Korea Selatan.

Sepanjang 2011, Yoochun secara individu memperoleh kontrak lumayan sebagai duta produk minuman teh jemana Tio, Nintendo Wii sempena pelancaran permainan video edisi terbaru Zelda, rangkaian pizza Black Smith dan terbaru ramen jenama Ottogi.

Bersama JYJ, Yoochun muncul dalam iklan LG Optimus 02 dan menjadi jurucakap jenama pakaian NII, Penzal Q, rangkaian membeli belah, Lotte Duty Free dan syarikat kosmetik, Nature Republic.


NAMA PENTAS : Yuchun atau Micky Yoochun
TARIKH LAHIR : 4 Jun 1984
ADIK BARADIK : Sulung, adik lelaki bernama Park Yoohwan
DRAMA TV BERSIRI : SungKyunKwan Scandal dan Miss Ripley
IKLAN KOMERSIAL : Minuman teh Tio, Black Smith Pizza, Nintendo Wii untuk edisi terbaru Zelda dan ramen Ottogi
PENCAPAIAN INDIVIDU (LAKONAN) : Anugerah Pelakon Baru Lelaki Terbaik, Anugerah Artis Pilihan Internet dan Anugerah Pasangan Pilihan di KBS Drama Awards 2010, Anugerah Pelakon Lelaki Paling Popular, 47th Baeksang Arts Awards (2011), Anugerah Pelakong Popular di Asia dan Pelakon Lelaki Terbaik di Seoul International Drama Awards 2011
ALBUM BERSAMA JYJ : The Beginning (Oktober 2010) mendapat tempahan 500,000 unit dan In Heaven (September 2011) mendapat tempahan 300,000 unit.

Sumber : Suratkhabar Berita Harian (Susunan : Zul Husni Abdul Hamid)

Gambar : Kredit kepada popqueen1711 & 6002SKY



Main Paper Headline:  GLAMOR: Park Yoochun, The New King Of Asia

GLAMOR Cover Page Headline: A Young Millionaire, Park Yoochun, The Most Popular Asian Artiste, a hot sell in Korea, Japan
Article Headline: Park Yoochun earns RM 31milion (USD 10million)

He is only 25 years old but his achievements may be subjected to envy by others who are also trying to make their name in the entertainment industry.
Park Yoochun is currently the top 5 young celebrities whose annual earnings is approximately RM 31 million (USD 10 million), directly inspiring many young talents to follow his footsteps.
Not only popular in his own country, Yoochun is also favored in Japan. His popularity enabled him to earn between RM 90,000 to RM 100,000 (USD 30,000 to USD 40,000) for each appearance.
This was of course not achieved overnight. He had to overcome many obstacles when he first started but he never waited on fate and persevered.
Yoochun was born on 4th June 1986 and grew up in Seoul, Korea. His entire family migrated to Virginia, America when he was 13 years old
“People thought I was lucky because they thought that migrating to America would improve our lives but unfortunately that was not the case. I don’t ever want to relive that life again. Our financial situation got worse and I had to work really hard to survive”, said Yoochun. Their complicated start at the new country badly impacted this young man who is fondly known as Micky and Yuchun by his fans.
Nevertheless, everything changed in 2003 when Yoochun was selected from the audition that was organized in America by SM Entertainment. Together with another four members, Yoochun joined TVXQ and went on to achieve tremendous success. The band was hailed as Asian superstars and labeled as the Kings of the Hallyu Wave.
TVXQ achieved numerous recognitions in Korea and Yoochun became one of the key members in strengthening the band’s success.
They not only conquered Korea. Their popularity traveled to Japan and they continued to build their strength and popularity in the country of the rising sun.
With his gifted song composing skills, Yoochun wrote the song Kiss The Baby Sky. The song became a theme song for a morning talk show in Japan thus earning him a lot of money.
Unfortunately, not everything was smooth sailing. In 2009, while at the peak of his career, Yoochun was faced with one of the biggest crises in his life.
Thankfully he succeeded to diversify his career in the entertainment industry. He ventured into acting and took his first role through the drama series Sungkyunkwan Scandal.
This drama became a big hit and was sold to many countries. In return, Yoochun received royalties of RM 20 million (USD 6 million).
His fans in Japan gave great response to the drama, allowing Yoochun to then receive a big amount of share from the DVD sales.
He received RM 951,000 (USD 300,000) per episode while RM 380,000 (USD 100,000) per episode for overseas sales propelling Yoochun to be one of the celebrities with earnings of RM 63 million (USD 20 million).
Yoochun who was voted as The Most Popular Artiste in 2011, is not only an actor but also sings the OST of the series which received various accolades from the online charts.
Their album sold more than 410,000 copies, in addition to the overall total sales of 780,000 copies for their other popular singles.
In 2010, more than 1.2 million copies of their albums were sold hence contributing to Yoochun’s personal wealth.
In mid 2009, Yoochun together with another two members of TVXQ – Kim Jae Joong and Kim Junsu filed a lawsuit against SM Entertainment for unfair contract. The case is still ongoing but the court has granted approval to them to remain active in the entertainment industry. In October 2010, they formed a new group called JYJ.
The trio remained popular and especially Yoochun who became a favorite amongst advertisers in South Korea.
Throughout 2011, Yoochun individually received lucrative advertising contracts as brand ambassadors for TiO, a popular tea brand, Nintendo Wii in conjunction with the launch of the limited edition Zelda video game, a pizza chain called Black Smith Pizza and the most recent Ottogi Ramen.
Together with JYJ, Yoochun appeared in LG Optimus Q2 advertisement and became the spokesperson for the apparel brand NII, Penzal Q, Lotte Duty Free and Nature Republic, a cosmetic brand.
Full Name: Park Yoochun
Stage Name: Yuchun or Micky Yoochun
Date of Birth: 4 Jun 1986
Siblings: Eldest son with a younger brother known as Park Yoohwan
Drama TV Series: Sungkyunkwan Scandal and Miss Ripley
Commercials: Tio – the tea brand, Black Smith Pizza, Nintendo Wii for  Zelda’s limited edition and  Ottogi Ramen
Individual Achievements :  Best New Male Actor, Netizen Award, Best Couple Award at KBS Drama Awards(2010), Most Popular Artiste at 47th Baeksang Awards (2011), Most Popular Artiste in Asia and Best Male Actor in Seoul International Drama Awards (2011)
Album with JYJ: The Beginning [October 2010] received pre-order of 500,000 copies and In Heaven [September 2011] received pre-order of 300,000 copies
Source: Berita Harian Newspaper
Pic & Trans credits: popqueen1711
Shared by: 6002SKY
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