Friday, July 13, 2012

Jaejoong : "The Scariest Thing in the World Is…"

JYJ's Kim Jaejoong worried his fans by sharing a photo of his swollen hands. On July 13, the singer-actor tweeted, "Aw, this time, my right hand is all fat. Recently, my arms, thighs and hands are all swollen up like this... The scariest thing in the world is mosquitoes, and my least favorite season is summer." As shown in the attached photo, Kim Jaejoong's hands were severely swollen.

Netizents commented, "oh my goodness, that's horrible! I hope you feel better soon oppa," "It's because of all those late night out-door shoots isn't it? If it makes you feel any better, we love your drama," "Oh my, put some ointments on that," "The band aid looks like it's going to explode because of his puffy finger," and more. 

Meanwhile, Kim Jaejoong stars in the MBC weekend drama "Dr.Jin" alongside song Seung Heon, Park Min Young and Lee Beom Soo. He plays Kim Kyung Tak, a Joseon military official who is in love with Park Min Young's (Hong Young Rae. "Dr.Jin" is a time-warping, medical, historical drama that tells the story about Jin Hyuk (Song Seung Heon), a talented, yet cold-hearted 21st century neurosurgen who gets sucked into the Joseon Dynasty, where he perform neurosurgery using the primitive tools from the era. While in the past, he meets a poor nobleman's daughter (Park Min Young) who bears a striking resemblance to the girl he loves in 2012. Earlier today, it was reported that "Dr.Jin" will be getting a two episode extension, hence ending its run early August.

Source : soompi
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