Monday, July 2, 2012

Jaejoong's Proof Shots From Junsu's Home

JYJ member Kim Jaejoong shared some proof shots from his visit of bandmate Kim Junsu's home.
Jaejoong tweeted on July 1st, "Leisurely time for the first time in weeks. Junsu's home is cool." Then jaejoong added, "What would be the fate of Dr.Jin, Young Hwi and Kyung Tak today? and Junsu, I enjoyed the modeumjeon and tofu kimchi", along with several pictures. (Modeumjeon = Usually fish, shrimp, zucchini and other vegetable pan-fried in egg batter).

 Jaejoong also shared a proof shot with Junsu tagged "Together with Tod" since Junsu had appeared on the musical "Elizabeth" as Tod. Jaejoong also mentioned Junsu as the god of soccer since Junsu really loves soccer sharing a picture from his appearance on "Mozart".

One of the pictures taken together with Junsu in what appears to be his working space really draws the eyes. Junsu facial expression is cute as he make a V with his fingers and Jaejoong also has a bright smile on his face.

Some of the netizens who came across the picture of Jaejoong's visit of Junsu's home include "I want to go visit him too", "Junsu, can you eat the modeumjeon and tofu kimchi with me?", "Jaejoong handsomeness explodes!", and "It's good to see that they get along so well." 

Source : TV Daily via Nate
Credit : @mjjeje + Kpopfever
Shared by : sph_mirahara

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