Monday, October 3, 2011

SS501 : Kim Hyun Joong Sarangheyo

After a week without blogging, suddenly using Korean language for opening =D
That is because spending too much time to watch Korean drama/movie but i'm still proud to be Malaysian for sure...eheheheh... 
Kim Hyun Joong... who is it??
If you're K-pop fans especially SS501 group, confirm you may know whose the nice looking Kim Hyun Joong right.. 
i'm not K-Pop fan but i love korean drama or movie... 
Less writing then and check it out...
For his fans : Just smile not scream.... ^_____^v 

mossitta  >_<

The hottest ever \(^_^)/

He look sweet if he smiling 

Kim Hyun Joong with glasses
My favourite pic of Hyun Joong

HJL- Modeling 18 Pictures, Images and Photos

HJL- Modeling 17 Pictures, Images and Photos

How talented, energetic and handsome he was!!  ^^,)


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