Wednesday, December 28, 2011

JYJ : Jaejoong $50,000 USD Donation

It's been revealed that JYJ's Jaejoong has donate $50,000 USD to his elementary and junior high school.

To Celebrate the year's end, Jaejoong donate $20,000 to Gongju Elementary, as well as $30,000 to Gongju Junior High School. The elementary school will be using the donation to upgrade their PCs, library, and drinking fountains. While the junior high school will be using it for scholarships, funding their reading program and supplying their special advanced placement classes. Both school will also be supplementing their baseball and swim teams.

Jaejoong stated, “To repay all of the love I’ve received all year, I realized that I wanted to go back and help my juniors where I was born and grew up. It would’ve been great if I could’ve met my teachers and juniors but I didn’t have the opportunity to. Should the chance arise, I’d love to visit someday. I hope that my juniors will be able to study in a better school environment after their winter break.”

Jaejoong also sent out his autographs and handwritten letters along with the donation to share with his juniors.

The registrar chief of Gongju Junior High expressed, “We’re grateful that Kim Jaejoong still thinks of his juniors even after graduating from the school. His juniors could not contain their excitement upon hearing about his donation. We’re extremely proud that a student from our school has become an amazing Hallyu star now and still has time to give donations. Like how Jaejoong used his talents to bloom and success, we hope that our juniors will become a talent to our country. Thank you for providing us with something special over the break.”

Credit : allkpop
Source + photos : TV Report via Naver 
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