Friday, December 30, 2011

JYJ : Nine Live + Lyric Translation

너는 사랑이란 걸 아니?
do you know what's call love?
아냐 사실 나도 모르겠어...
no~ in fact I have no idea about it too...
단지 모르는 게 Ye
just don't know it Ye
가슴이 뜨겁고 막 뛰고 자꾸 눈물이 흘러 나
my heart feels hot and I keep running and keep tearing up
어떻게 해야하는 거니.
what should I do?
찾아가 무릎 꿀으면 되니...
Should I go pleading with bent knees?
나도 모르게 Ye
I don't know too Ye
계속 너를 찾고 또 뛰고, 걷다 보면 또 제자리야
I keep finding you and running, I'm back to the original spot even when I keep walking
Do you not love me Do you not want to forget

새로 시작하려 해도
even if I want to start anew
쉽게 되지가 않는 우리 사랑
It doesn't seems easy for our love
내 기억. 추억들~
My memories. sweet memories~
더 이상 감출 수조차 없는 내가 되었으니~
I have become someone who can no longer hide it
지난 날은 잊어~
forget the old days~
오직 서로만 지켜 가면 돼
We just need to have the 2 of us
이제 우린 알 수 있잖아.
know we know it, don't we
말하지 않아도 알잖아
we know it even if we don't say it out
매일, 멀지 않던 어제만 소리 치면 되
tomorrow, we will shout out of the yesterday that isn't too far
말하지 못해서 미안해
i'm sorry that I can't say it
사랑한다 그대여
i love you my dear
몇 번이고 전화도 해봤어
maybe times i've tried calling
무슨 말을 할까 고민했어...
I've been thinking about what to say...
나도 모르게 Ye~
I don't know it too Ye~
잠을 자고 일어날 때도 계속 너를 찾게 되는 거야
even as I fall asleep and wake up, I can't stop myself from wanting to find you
날 봐 지금의 나를 봐
look at me, look at the me now
너무나 변해버린 내 모습 좀 어색하지만 기다려
Although it feels awakward because I've changed so much, wait
너무 멀어지지 말자 내 앞에 세상과 약속할테니
let's not be too far apart, I make a promise to the world ahead of me

lyrics taken from Lyrics Book distributed at the venue

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