Tuesday, January 17, 2012

[JYJ] JaeJoong In A Leopard-Printed Nightgown

cute...cuter..cutest (^^,)v

JYJ's Kim JaeJoong recently had a leopard-printed nightgown sold out.

On January 16, at the dawn, Kim tweeted a picture of himself wearing a leopard-printed nightgown. He is even wearing an animal hat, which is absolutely adorable. Soon after releasing this shot, netizens shows a huge interest in the nightgown.

The nightwear, which is sold on Amazon.com in Japan, is currently out of stock. Previously wearing Hamtori nightgpwn, Kim put animal nightgown in the trend. Kim is now causing sensation again, confirming his popularity.

Netizens responded, "He is the greatest." "He might have a collection of animal nighgown." "A leopard nightgown followed by a Hamtori one." "Kim is a world-famous knockout."

Credit : mjjeje & en.korea
Source : TVreport
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  1. joongie is once again spreading his dorkiness successfully LOLS


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