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Q&A With Jaejoong And Fuku-san At 5th Annual Hero Festival

Fuku-san Q&A

:: Jaejoong is?
- Muscle Babo (T/N : who is obsessed with working out)

:: The place you meet Jaejoong for the 1st time?
- No comment (Because it involves other people..)

:: Jaejoong's strengths and weaknesses?
- Strengths : he is too cute that it's hard to handle.

Weaknesses : If i sleep at Jaejoong's place, the next morning he will probably make breakfast for me. But it's so spicy that it's hard to eat.

It seems that it's his strong point too? But anyway, throwing all strengths away, he's still a good guy.

:: Any common point between you and Jaejoong?
- We like erotic things, because we're men. Men are all like that. Isn't it? I don't really know LOL

:: What happened with the underpants that you gave his as present?
- Eventually, i brought it back with me and use it as pajama.

JaeJoong Q&A

:: How do you dress when you're alone at home?
- I dress like this. Uhm pajamas, t-shirt (khaki long-arm t-shirt), is it too natural?
Well, this is my working room. Several songs were made here.

:: (We saw a video that you were extremely shy after giving fans a hug) why you were so shy like that when you close to fans?
- That... perhaps... i think everyone is like that, not only me.
There is a thing called confidence on the stage. With that confidence...
However, we're on top of the stage and you look at us from lower seats.
That is. Because of that confidence... when you look at something/someone from higher position, you will feel more confident, isn't it?
But... ugh.. because you came up to the same stage with me... ugh... it was awkward. Also, i'm always that shy when i hug someone haha

:: Your feelings about Shanghai fanmeeting?
- I'm very thankful.... Ha~^^. First of all, it was the first time i had a solo fanmeeting.
so i was so happy and thankful for your much attention. I didn't know that much people would come.
Uh... It will be good if i have a chance to hold a fanmeeting in Korea too... Uhm.. I don't know. I can only say that i really really want to do that.

:: What are male fans to Jaejoong?
- To me, they a gods. Male fans. Ugh~ I want them. I really want them. I want to have fanboys.

:: Among the actresses that you have worked with, who is the most memorable?
- Hyojoo, Juri-chan, Gangjjang, Wang Jihye-kun. How can i choose?
Actually, i talked with Hyojoo on the phone before. We called to see how the other was doing.
She said, "Oppa did well in Protect The Boss recently. But why didn't you try that hard when you were acting with me?"
So i said, "Hyojoo yah, let's act with oppa again next time."
When i filmed for Heaven Postman, i really come to filming set without well learning my lines. Because i started acting without proper preparation, it would have been very difficult for Hyojoo.
Therefore, maybe i can;t act with Hyojoo again in the firute... (T/N : which means Hyojoo might not want to act with him again)

:: Thinking about marriage, did you prepare any child's name?
- To tell the truth... I want to get married... I personally want to get married soon. I want to get married soon but i must become a good person first.
For now, let's have a lover first. Haha. Of cause i must get married. Let's love.

:: Bum's menu that Jaejoong recommends?
- Bum's menu. Oh my - There is a lot. There are too many. how should i say?
Personally, i like Tako wasabi. That wasabi is very pungent and spicy. Ah~ i like it a lot. I like deep-fried dished too.

:: Unique working habit (working on music) of Jaejoong?
- In my case, i work on the arrangement first. After that, i add lyrics before creating the melody.
You will asked how i can add lyrics without melody right? The melody comes when i write lyrics. It's pretty unusual. So it's different song by song.
There are songs which i focused a lot on theme. There are song which i focused on lyrics. There are songs which i focused on arrangement.

:: While directing concert and composing songs, which song you get attached to the most?
- Ah... I... personally... It's the album's title track. Don't you like it?
And i really want to try directing. I want to keep trying if i get a chance in the future. 
I will be glad if i'm in change of other concert or other artist's concert. I want to try that after learning hard.

Jaejoong clarifies some ambiguous thing

:: Noona fans and auntie fans?
- Noons fans. For example, when they see me, they will scream "Jaejoong ah~~!!"
If they treat me like someone they know well, "Uh, Jaejoong ah," they are auntie fans. Haha

:: Cute and beautiful?
- Oh... Cute... It's something i can comfortably look at. Beautiful thing is something that doesn't make me feel easy. In case there were only these two types, cute or beautiful.
Nowadays, I fell so comfortable being with fans. it has really become more comfortable. But it doesn't mean that fans are only cute not beautiful. Because we're family. 

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