Sunday, January 1, 2012

[Pic] Congratulation Jaejoong Won New Star Award At 2011 SBS

JYJ's, Jaejoong ending his 2011 year with great moment after won New Star Award at 2011 SBS Drama Awards. Congratulation Hero Kim Jaejoong!! 

 Kim jae joong 
절대로 쉽게 받을수없었던 소중한 상을 받게됐어요.. 다들너무나 고마워요^^ 단하나의 트로피가 저에게 천근만근처럼느껴지는 이유는 뭘까요..감사합니다!
[Trans] : I was able to receive this precious award that was definitely not easy to receive at all..
JJ cute habit.. >o<//

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