Sunday, January 15, 2012

[MV] Who is The Real Hero Kim JaeJoong Through Friends and Fans Eyes

Yoochun & Junsu liked my right and left arm!!

This MV made by~i believed someone whose truly love as Jaejoong fans. So i'll give full credits to kpopjpop16 who also uploded to youtube. I am Jaejoong fans for sure , thus i really amazed with his warm heart, kindness and his high friendship loyalty. So if you also Jae fans, i'll suggest you to watch this videos than i'm sure you will love him more and more plus probably tears fall down. Lets give him strengths through our loyal supports . 

A few comments/responded from JaeJae fans :-
Looking back, JaeJoong was such a free spirit, he liked the attention of the camera and was a pretty boisterous. But i can't believe how much he's grow. I honestly didn't expect him to be he is. He's been through  so much but can still smile are brightly as he does. In his eyes you can see how much love and I swear I'll never forget that. I'll never forget how he's strong even when he's dying on the inside. Thank you JaeJoong. I will be your fan for eternity.
 Wow! Is it too much to express my deep respect and love for Jaejoong? He's so wise and mature, smart and kind, gentle! I hope this kind of person should multiply as we need for more of them. I love you and JYJ and wish you for the best!
JaeJoong is the best human being in the world... he has a huge, beautiful and warm heart... I love JJ and JYJ... These three guys are working hard... the road has not been easy for them...they show us their smiling faces BUT nobody knows what they have actually gone through more than two years....JJ has had to mature for care of Chunnie and Su...I'm so happy that they love and care of him...JYJ deserve all the success in the world!!!...aorry...I'm not cassiopeia or k-pop fan...only love JYJ!!

Jaejoongie, please stay healthy and happy always, you deserved that but sometimes don't hide your sadness and holding by yourself. Don't give us fake laughed with hope to make us happy but you're suffer inside. You need someone you trust to share with because smile can lies but those beautiful eyes belongs to you can't lies, its show everything inside your hearts. As your fans, i can do nothing to comfort you but i can do supports your music and everything connect to you. This i promise you and always love you Hero Kim Jaejoong. That 'Hero' suitable for you. Please remember this miracle words --> Thank You Jaejoong! Thank You Soooo Much!!!

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