Friday, January 20, 2012

[JYJ] YooChun Signature's

A fan who work at Incheon Airport meet Yoochun today when he was leaning for South America. She got his signature and said that Yoochun was very warm (as in very nice xD), his voice was so sexy, and it seem that he didn't shave, she could see his beard (LOL) and that she was very happy that she could meet Yoochun ^^.

In her latter tweets, she said that maybe because his manager was too scary, noon approached him to as for his signature. But when he was signing for her, everyone around was taking pictures (LOL). And see didn't see Jaejoong and Junsu anywhere. 

(This comes from a fan on Weibo : She heard that Chun would go to South America early to survey the market 0____0. And he did!)

Source : s3jyj33
Eng-trans : JPhylls
Credit : 6002sky

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