Thursday, April 26, 2012

CJeS Updates On Jaejoong’s Upcoming 2 Projects: "Time Slip Dr.Jin" & "The Jackal Is Coming"

 120426 Kim Jaejoong's appearance in MBC drama "Time Slip Dr.Jin" confirmed

Hello. This is C-JeS Entertainment.
JYJ KimJaejoong will pay the warrior Kim Kyungtak in MBC drama "Time Slip Dr.Jin"

Kim Kyungtak is the descendant of a warrior family and the best warrior of Joseon. Although he has high pride and a highly competitive spirit, he's a simple-harted person who show his love to the one and only girl he has loved from early childhood.

"Time Slip Dr.Jin" is a medical drama telling the story of the best doctor of South Korea in 2012, who travels through the time and struggles as a doctor in Joseon during the 1860s. The drama will have its first airing on May 26th.

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120426 Kim Jaejoong casted as male lead of the movie "Jackal Comes"

Hello. This is C-JeS Entertainment.
JYJ Kim Jaejoong was casted as a male lead of the movie "Jackal Comes" (Director Bae Hyungjoon).

"Jackal Comes" tell the story of a clumsy contract female killer who, after kidnapping a famous singer, tries to kill him in a strange way while the police are dispatched.

Kim Jaejoong will play a famous singer who has various charms.
Please look forward to the charm that he will show as an actor on big screen.

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Source : CJeS News 
Translated by L Hannah for PrinceJJ
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