Saturday, April 7, 2012

JYJ Featured In Malaysian Newspapers "Utusan Malaysia S3 K-pop ~ JYJ Interest In Rooftop Prince Drama"

JYJ Interest In Rooftop Prince Drama

JYJ members, Park Yoochun plays as Lee Gak in Rooftop Prince drama has always received support from fellow members, Junsu.
Yoochun said, Junsu never missed to watching every episode which also featured actress Han Ji Min as Bak Ha.
"I was very happy when he told that he likes to watch Rooftop Prince. But i was disappointed because he was watching the drama was not impressed with my acting talent, but because he want to see Ji Min."
Ji Min also recognize Junsu's antics who admire her because during the filming set, Yoochun is often talked about Junsu's behavior.
Since the drama broadcasted until episode 4, rating for Rooftop Prince increasing. "Once when i went to restaurant, the older generation does not know me. Now is different, because they will be greeted and told me that they like to watch the drama. The words of the spirit from the audience among the older generation is the impetus for me to do better." 
Rooftop Prince focuses on the Chonsun Era, where the crown prince Lee Gak seeks to investigate the cause of death of the crown princess played by Jung Yumi. During the investigation, the crown prince Lee Gak suddenly trapped in the current era and meet a new love. 

Source : S3UtusanMalaysia
Translated by : @jae_mira
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