Sunday, April 1, 2012

Gift To Jaejoong From International Fans Securely Delivered

Yesterday, the gifts were  delivered by Yule to Jaejoong's sister, Su Young-shi. Su-Young-shi mentioned that she'd make sure Jeojoong knows that the gifts were from his international fans.

Su Young-shi was kind enough to take a proof shot with the gift, and she even volunteered to have the picture taken in front of Jaejoong's picture..

Yule's account of her visit to Crebeau Jeff :

I called Crebeau Jeff beforehand to tell them that i would be bringing a gift for Jaejoong and to see if that was okay.
They told me that for bringing gifts, they prefer to keep them in the original shipping box because it is easier to them to bring directly to Jaejoong afterwards (since his sisters transport all the gifts themselves directly to him). 

So because of that, i wasn't able to make the gifts look all nice and pretty, since they still had to be in the box. But it's okay, because the rest makes up for it. Anyways, i went to Crebeau to deliver that gifts and met with So Young, who was really really nice. She seemed to be quite busy b/c even though it was early there were a lot of people inside Crebeau! But she still took time to talk to me. Our conversation (after the initial greetings and what not) went something as follows : 

Me : There are belated birthday gifts for Jaejoong on behalf of his international fan site, PrinceJJ
SY : I've heard of you guys from the articles
Me : You've heard? That's really unexpected!

Me : They told me to keep the gift in the box...
SY : Yes, because i have to take to Jjung's house later with the other gifts (she kept calling hin Jjung, which sound like "joong", but a bit shorter w/ a heavier "J". It was odd but super cute)
Me : Ah, so you are the delivery person~
SY : They always make me...
SY : This box is heavy! What does it have?
Me : *tell her all gifts we have*
SY : Wow, you know Jjung's tastes well.

SY : Wouls you like me to take a 'proof shoot' with the box?
Me : That would be great
SY : Okay, let me go in front of big Jjung poster! (lol she blinked in the pic i took, and i asked her to taje another one and she blinked again >__<) 

There were a lot of other people there waiting to talk to her, so i just went around a bit to shop. When i came to check out, Su Young talked to me again for a few minutes.

She asked a little bit about what PrinceJJ does and then asked if we wanted her to get JJ's signature for PrinceJJ. I told her that would be fantastic & that i would be coming back to Crebeau in the future to deliver the ["Send Our Love To Jaejoong Poster and message book] support project that we had, so i could pick up the signature from her then~So... we're going to get JJ's signature!! yayyyy~~  

There were a few other boxes there (maybe 5?) which had gifts for Jaejoong from fans. I guess a lot of fans are sending gifts these days to cheer him up. The gifts from Korean fans were also in boxes, but their boxes were decorated really cutely. Made me wish i had thought of decorating our box too~~ But now that we know their policy, we can make sure to decorate our boxes really nicely next time we send gifts to him^^ Su Young told me that she'd make sure JJ knew that our gifts were from his international fans & that they were for his b-day.

JiJi wasn't there~~ i asked Su Young where he was and she told me that lately he's been staying with JJ. Kind of sad that i missed him, but happy that he's with Jae~. I also asked her how JJ was doing these days and how his drama preparation was going. She said that Jaejoong was much better and more cheerful now and that he's excited for the drama because he's wanted to work with SSH.
Hope that the gifts will bring a smile to our Prince Jaejoong, and make him feel the abundant love of his international fans. Thank you so much to all the fans who contributed to this project!

Credit : PrinceJJ
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