Thursday, April 5, 2012

Jaejoong Ah, Is That You!!?

OMG~ SooOoOOOooooO cut........e >__<"
For the very first time i saw this selca of JJ. I asked myself, is that my Sunshine?! Wow, his looks quite different.. =D Jae-ah, why are you always make it hard for me.. I am fall in love with you again and again even with your selca.. You never fail make me smiles ear to ear.. You make me happy!!  Thank you so much for your continues selca. Slowly you appeared in twitter that mean you're getting better

What are you try to do? Are you try to wink? kekekeke.. You seem very sweet and spoiled. Joongie, saranghanda!!!! 
Jaejoong looks gloriously handsome in selca.. Even his not trying but, he looks cute already. Sometimes i'm not feel that he is 26-years-old adult man with his natural cute face... His can looks cute, handsome, gorgeous, manly, sweet and all blend together will be Hero Kim Jaejoong...  (^__~) 

Credit : @mjjeje
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