Sunday, April 8, 2012

Jaejoong Turn To Black Hair Again!?

New coming info : Jaejoong dyed his hair black again!!

I guess he done his hair today. It's probably because of his new drama "Time Slip Dr.Jin" which will start filming on April 15. I still remember watched one of the video, when Jaejoong made a visit to one of the theaters during "The Day" show, a fan asked "whether he will change his hair color for Dr.Jin" and he replied "Ancient times, no hair color other than black" so that mean he will in black hair throughout the drama shooting. 

No matter what color Jaejoong's hair is, actually he looks good in any color. But i still love him in black because he look flawless and his face is more prominent. So we only have 2 weeks memory with blonde Jaejoong, save all Jaejoong's blonde pics.. kekekee ^^

For his new look, still have no pictures yet, because i'll NOT post pics taken by sasaengs. Just be patient a little bit longer before Jaejoong in black pics spread all around the globe.. xD  


++Update with photos++
JJ in Black

Source : @DongBangHaeven
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