Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Action-Comedy "Jackal Is Coming" Begins Shooting

Filming has begun on The Jackal Is Coming, an action comedy movie that pretty much hooked my interest with its one-line premise : A bungling killer (Song JiHyo) is hired ti kidnap an pop singer (Jaejoong) and fails in multiple ways to kill him. There's no mention of it in the description so far, but does she also fall in love with him? That's the obvious conclusion, isn't it? Obvious in the way of Korean movie and dramas, i mean, not obvious in the way of life, because that's just insane.

The casting seems pretty spot-on, and the goofy plot line has plenty of comic possibilities. I'm basically seeing it as another version of the Myung-wol The Spy concept, except hopefully funnier, and with a hopefully less asstastic hero. Basically i'm just looking for somebody to reboot the premise and do it justice, since i want it to work, despite the mess that the series was.   

Meanwhile, the pop singer will also have a dogged, invasive stalker (the kind knows as a "sasaeng fan," which describes those fans with no concept of boundaries or privacy concerns when it comes to their favorite idol oppas), played by Joo MinHa (Queen Of Housewives).

There stills come from the movie's first shoots, taken in a factory where our heroine, Song JiHyo, finds herself in the midst of a police chase. The role calls for a decent amount of action, as there stills suggest, ad i think i've seen enough a Ace jiHyo on Running Man to say she's up to the task.

Ther movie plans to release later this year.


Credit : Dramabeans via Osen 
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