Friday, May 11, 2012

[Fan Account] Jaejoong Filming Of Dr.Jin At Korean Folk Village

[Fan Account : Jaejoong Filming Dr.Jin on Korean Folk Village]

I visited the shooting location today (May 10th) for the first time.
Because my house is near to the Folk Village i went there by taxi.
I'd been looking for Jaejoong inside for a long time. keke

They were shooting at the very end of inside,
and i watched them from a distance because it was a private shooting.

He was standing up like that while shooting the same scene repatedly.
Jaejoong spoke the words (on the script) "Tie up that man!" when poloceman (his inferiors) came running.
The one who got tied up was Seung-Hun. keke

Jaejoong had a rest in the middle of shooting scene.
Drinking water and sitting for a moment with his chin propped on the long sword.
He was totally cute~ XD

I was expecting him to ride the horse because the horse was on standby.
But they shoot till the scene Jaejoong goes to rise the horse.
And Jaejoong had gone after finishing the shooting at 5:30.

* It was just a brown horse~
* I don't know how is make-up was because i watched him from a distance, but i saw him having pearly/fair skin even from a distance.
* His mood seemed to be quite tired in the afternoon because the shooting had started from the morning.
* Our Jaejoong was so handsome and tall~
* He waved his hand to drive insects/mosquitos away, his hand was big as expected haha

Credit : 황보 in DC KJJ GALERRY
Translate by : @Jeneration
Shared by : JYJ3 + sph_mirahara

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