Friday, May 25, 2012

From Aizamia To "The Rising Gods Of The East"

~Always Keep The Faith~
Annyeong (^^,)/
I used my blog as a platform to dedicate this entry special for one of my twitter friends ~ @aizamiabooJJ.. She was a truly Cassie, Jaejoong bias, YunJae hardcore shipper and AKTF on the name of TVXQ5.. I re-write and re-post her expression and feeling towards 5ive of TVXQ5 members. Indeed i feels touched by her tweed show the proof how she know and understand the boys very well...

  @aizamiabooJJ to Jaejoong : "I don't believe in Jaejoong because he is my bias but i believe in him because he has the most soft spot from TVXQ"

 @aizamiabooJJ to Junsu : "I don't believe in Jun-chan because he is the angel in TVXQ but he loves the most when the group is living as ONE"

@aizamiabooJJ to Yoochun : "I don't believe in Yoochun because he is the good man in TVXQ but he is that sensitive, he will love and appreciate the group as a strong bond"

 @aizamiabooJJ to Yunho : "I don't believe in Yunho because he is the leader of TVXQ but he is the most sensible person i ever know"

@aizamiabooJJ to Changmin : "I don't believe in Changmin because he is the youngest maknae of TVXQ but he loves his brothers more than anyone else out three"

@aizamiabooJJ to TVXQ5 : "I don't believe in TVXQ because they are my idols but with the strong bond they shared, for me everything is possible... have some faith...^^"

Source & credit : @aizamiabooJJ
Create & shared by : @mjjejae_mira

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