Monday, May 14, 2012

Jaejoong And Song JiHyo At "Jackal Comes" Gosa Ceremony

Info : Gosa ceremonies are usually done before movie/drama premieres, store/brand launchings when things are set to begin to ask for goodwill.

The movie "jackal Is Coming", which attracted the attention of the public by casting as leading roles JYJ Kim Jaejoong, hallyu star that has explosive popularity across Asia, and actress Song Jihyo who received much love from the viewers as an ace of SBS's variety show "Running Man", had a gosa ceremony wishing for great success on May 9th at Nomad Film located in Chungmuro Film Center of Dongguk University, Seoul.  

The main cast including Song Jihyo, Kim Jaejoong, Oh Dalsoo, Han Sangjin, Kim Sungryung, Kim Yonggun, etc... and all the staff including Director Bae Hyungjoon, representative Cha Seungpyo of Nomad Film and the official of Lotte Shopping and Lotte Entertainment, all gathered in one place, praying for the success of "Jackal Is Coming".

Especially JYJ Kim Jaejoong, who has his debut in the movie world with the role of top star 'Choi Hyun' in Jackal Is Coming", has greeted every staff, "I will do all my best. I depend on your help," showing his passion for the movie. He also lent his shoulder to Song Jihyo, who was having hard time taking off her shoes, creating a new term "Manner Shoulder" and  giving the feeling of the birth of a warm couple.

Another translate : During the ceremony, Jaejoong helped Jihyo take her shoes off by letting her put her hand on his shoulder during gosa. When Jihyo had hard time taking off her shoes, JJ lent his shoulder for her to put on her shoes. His shoulder was called "Manner Shoulder" after this. Gentleman! 

Credit : worldclassjj +
Translated by : Hannah for PrinceJJ
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