Friday, May 4, 2012

Poster For Jaejoong’s Taipei FM And New Details

According to Asiatoday : 

2012 Kim Jaejoong Fan-meeting in Taipei is especially dedicated to Chinese fans of the drama Protect the Boss that he had starred in.

During the fan meeting, Jaejoong will share anecdotes of his experience shooting the drama as well as stories from his personal life. There will also be time for the games and Q&A session to fully communicate with his fans. Kim Jaejoong will perform "I Will Protect You" a song from the drama's OST for which he wrote the lyrics.

According to the local promoter, "Protect the Boss" starring Kim Jaejoong was broadcast on Taiwan's GTV last year, and drama was so popular that it might rerun this year. Kim Jaejoong's fame in Greater China is unequaled, with more that 100,000 fans in his online fan club.

Info on how to purchase tickets will be announced by Jaejoong's website [they probably mean CJeS website] and Taiwanese ticket sales websites.   

Poster : Heyford Ent. via luvjey
Info summarized  by : PrinceJJ from article printed by  Asiatoday
Shared by : JYJ3 + sph_mirahara

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