Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Fan-Made USB For Jaejoong Gathers Attention

 A present showing a fans's love for JYJ member Jaejoong has been revealed. Jaejoong had attended the MBC new drama "Time slip Dr.Jin" press conference in the Lotte Hotel in Sogongdong, Seoul and fans has prepared a special present to show their support for Jaejoong.
Jaejoong's fans came together, and prepare a press kit for Jaejoong's role in "Time Slip Dr.Jin" Kim Kyung Tak, which included coffee, an uchiwa, a tumbler and others as a present. Among there, the present that capture the most attention was the USB made in the image of Jaejoong. With one glance, you can see that this doll-shaped USB bears Jaejoong's special features including a mole, and was produced well.
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Source : kstarnews
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