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Cuts Of Jaejoong In "Time Slip Dr.Jin" Revealed!!

Still cut of Popular JYJ member Jaejoong in full costume for his charecter in MBC's "Time Slip Dr.Jin" have been revealed.

For the upcoming drama on May 26th, MBC recently revealed the preview photos of Jaejoong. The release of the still cuts came as a pleasant surprise for his fans, who praised the singer's sharp looks as he sports a traditional Korean outfit.

Public's interest in the drama is running high due to the Jaejoong's return to the small screen. Jaejoong, who gained acclaim as an actor in his previous drama "Protect the Boss", will be playing the role of skilled martial arts, Kim Kyung Tak. It was reported that Jaejoong invested a considerable number of hours in order to practice the traditional Korean speech as well as the action scenes. 

The producers of "Time Slip Dr.Jin" commented, "Even though this is Kim Jaejoong's first historical drama, we were surprised to see how well he adapted to the required acting style. Ha has put in much effort in order to thoroughly portray his strong and manly character. We are sure that viewers will become captivated by his charms."

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Kim Jaejoong's "Doctor Jin" Photos Released : Shows Full Good Looks While Wearing Historical Costume

As  the broadcast of Dr.Jin on May 26th draw closer, Kin Jaejoong is preparing for his first historic drama. Jaejoong will use his charming visuals and strong acting skills as he meets the audience as Kim Kyung Tak, a young man from the Joseon Era.

Kim Jaejoong caused the "Mooneunim-fever" which settled across Korea last year with his role as Cha Muwon in the SBS drama "Protect the Boss" and will now act in a historic drama for the first time with "Dr.Jin". His character, Kim Kyung Tak, is one that will capture the hearts of all the female viewers. Kyung Tak is a high ranking military official who hides the pain he holds behind his exceptional martial arts skills and competitive nature.

Kim Jaejoong's new acting challenge has already caught the attention of his Korean and international fans, even before the drama broadcast. Also, the anticipation of the public towards Kim Kyung Tak is increasing. In the newly revealed pictures, Kim Jaejoong's amazing visuals and intense gaze has attracted the attention and cause a great amount of anticipation in the fans.  

In particular, since his appearance in "Dr.Jin" was confirmed, Kim Jaejoong has been meticulously practicing the gestures and speech that is commonly used in historical dramas. He has also taken lessons to learn how to ride a horse for the drama filming.

The crew of "Doctor Jin" have stated that "Though this is his first time acting in an historical drama, Kim Jaejoong surprised everyone with his constant, stable acting and the way he perfectly suited the historical make-up and costumes that were chosen for him for this drama. Kim Jaejoong is making a great effort to show a strong and handsome Kim Kyung Tak and we are sure that his overwhelming charms will be properly conveyed to our viewers".

The fantasy medical drama "Dr.Jin" is based off of a Japanese manga of the same title that was created by Murakami Motokoa. The drama tells the story of the best surgeon in 2012 being transported 150 years into the past to the Joseon Dynasty of the 1860s. Dr.Jin's will be the successor to the MBC drama "Feast of Gods" and will have its first broadcast on May 26th at 9:50pm

Credit : Nate
Translated by : Yule @ PrinceJJ
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