Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Kim EungSoo : "JYJ’s Kim Jae Joong Is Like My Son"

Actor Kim Eung Soo recently said that JYJ's Kim JAejoong is like his son.

The May 14 episode of MBC's Good Day visited the set for MBC's new weekend series Dr.Jin to meet Kim Eung Soo. The two Kims are playing the roles of father and son in the series. The production crew asked Kim Jaejoong, "Even though Kim Eung Soo played a villain in MBC's series The Moon Embreces the Sun, you are not scared of him?" Kim Jaejoong replaid, "I was kind of scared of him when we were shooting together."

Kim Eung Soo, "When i first met Kim Jejoong, he was very impressive. He is like my son." Kim Jaejoong drooped his head and took a modest attitude. Kim Eung Soo also said that he didn't expect that latest episode of MBC's Radio Star, in which he appeared, could drew that much attention. 

Source : TV Report
Credit : en.korea
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