Sunday, February 12, 2012

JaeJoong’s Star Pose At Noel’s Concert

Group JYJ member Kim JaeJoong revealed a picture of himself at Noel's Concert.

On the 12th, Kim Jaejoong posted a picture of himself on his twitter along with the comments, "Went to Neol's concert with Jae Young. Neol is so awesome."

Noel held concert form the 10th-11th entitle "Neol's Valentine's Days Sweet Proposal."

In the picture, Kim Jaejoong's brownish hair has caught the attention of fans. He is wearing a black shirt with a black leather  jacket. His sunglasses gives of star-like feel.

Fans have commented, "It seem like no one around knows that Kim Jaejoong is there" and "He seem like he's having fun." 
Source : TV Report via Nate
Credit : kpopstarz
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