Wednesday, February 1, 2012

JYJ’s Plans To Release Second Worldwide Album

(T/N : only JYJ's part from the article was translated)

The boy group that released their worldwide album "The Beginning" in 2010 had announced plans to release their second worldwide album this summer. JYJ officials, "During that second half of this year, there are plans to have a worldwide tour and to release the second album before this. Similar to the year before, the members will advanced their album work in America. Furthermore, JYJ has successfully completed their tour in North America, so rather than it being like they are trying to enter a new market (America), it is more of a continuation of their previous activities.

America's famous artist Kanye West and Rodney Jerkins collaborate with JYJ's first album, and attracted enough attention to be introduced as hot topic on America's billboard charts. In regards to this, JYJ's second album will also be produced in America, and there is also a high chance of more collaboration with other American artist. "However as of now, who will be collaborating and how has not been decided," officials added.

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