Sunday, February 12, 2012

[JYJ] Yoochun Explains: “I’m not the man who was threatened by an ex-girlfriend"

 As JYJ's Yoochun is mentioned as the male idol group member A who has recently been threatened by his ex-girlfriend B with his nude video, C-jes Entertainment, JYJ's agency, stated its oggicial position on the issues.

On February 10, C-jes Entertainment said, "It's very unfortunate that there are slanderous articles and rumos about Yoochun spreading around. We ask all of JYJ fans and reporters for your active supports to prevent the spread of such articles and rumors."

C-jes also said, " If it is revealed that the articles and rumors are false and invasion of privacy, we will take legal action against them immediately through our corporation attorney, law firm Sejong."

The first criminal investigation department of the Seoul Center Prosecutors' Office announced that B has been summarily indicted for threatening A with his nude video on February 9.

According to the prosecution, B asked A's agency for a million won with A's nude video that she filmed when she was dating him. She also threatened that she would release the video online if the money was not given. On the basis that B was a first-time offender, the prosecution confiscated the video and B was summarily indicted.

Source : TV Report
Credit : en.korea
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