Friday, February 3, 2012

JYJ’s Kim JaeJoong Raises His Little Finger While Singing

JYJ's Park Yoo Chun recently drew a lot of attention with his little finger and Kim Jae Joong also captured the public's eyes with the same pose.

In SBS's series Protect The Boss, which aired last year, Kim, who played the role of Cha Moon Won, sang Shin Sung Woo's Prologue at a karaoke. His song fascinated many female fans hearts.

When started singing, his little finger was holding a microphone. The he started singing passionately like he is singing at a concert and his little finger was raised up.

People responded : "I want to be his little finger." "Kim raises his little finger up too." "JYJ members 
are connected with each other." "Kim has long, slim and pretty fingers." "I loved his song in the series."

Source : TV Report
Credit : en.korea
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