Friday, February 17, 2012

Park Yoochun, Horseback Riding With A Fearful Expression

JYJ's Park Yoochun rode on a horse with an expression that does not suit that of a "crown prince"

On the 14th, a photo was uploaded on the bulletin of a portal site with the title "Park Yoochun, Riding On A Horse With A Fearful Expression."

Park Yoochun was riding on a horse during the filming of SBS's (Seoul Broadcaster) Wednesday-Thursday drama "Rooftop Prince", which will be begin broadcasting from 14th March. Perhaps he is not used to horseback riding, as he looked rather scared.

"Rooftop Prince" is a drama which depicts the story of a crown prince, who upon losing a concubine whom he loved, travel 300 years through time to appear in Seoul in the 21th century, in order to fullfill the love from his past life.

Source : JoongAng Daily Japanese Edition via
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