Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Kim JaeJoong Feels Bad About Cancelled JYJ Documentary Screening

JYJ's Kim Jae Joong recently expressed his feeling about having to cancel the release of their documentary The Day.

On January 31, Kim tweeted, "I will raise my head and run harder as much as i'm sorry."

Kim tweeted the comment after he was told that CGV will not release the documentary movie, The Day, featuring JYJ's everyday life.

A spokesperson for JYJ said, "We haven't talked about this but CGV just told us that they can't release the movie. We will file a complaint against them to the Fair Trade Commission and to the Grievance committee. "A spokesperson for CGV, however said, "We never decide to screen the movie. There was a problem while discussing the contract."

People responded : "You don't have to feel bad..." "I'm proud of you JYJ! Cheer up!" "You are not the one who should feel bad."

JYJ's agency is currently looking for other theaters to screen the movie other than CGV.

Source : Tv Report
Credit : en.korea
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