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Yoochun In Malaysian Newspaper "Harian Metro: Yoochun Admits That He Is A Romantic"

Center spread HEADLINE : Yoochun admits that he is a romantic
Cover pullout BLURB : Yoochun, a good son and a loving brother

Yoochun admits that he is a romantic
Having observed his photo and watching the personal style of this handsome face through his acting and singing, it is understandable why Park Yoochun is crazed by the world.

Although he first become popular as JYJ together JaeJoong and Junsu, Yoochun or his stage name Micky Yoochun has managed to create his individual phenomenon to become one of the most popular Korean star in Asia now. As a budding 26 year old, this South Korean native has achieved almost all that he has dreamed of.
Having built his name with JYJ's empire of music and after receiving numerous accolades and awards as well as having successfully making a name as a popular actor, Yoochun sees his career profile as a reward after all the hard work.  

But clearly he's feeling empty deep down especially without that someone special. All the work commitments has made Yoochun busy and with no time to look for love.

He explained in a previous interview that he believes that love will come naturally if they are sincere and honest to receive the feelings.

"I could feel a lot of love while playing the role of Lee Soon Joon character in Sungkunkwan Scandal and Song Yoohyun in Miss Ripley. Even though it was only acting but it brought out of the feeling for love in me."

The handsome lad spent some time growing up in Fairfax, Virginia, United States when their family migrated. He admitted that he was quite envious while acting in Miss Ripley. "I was never faced with a situation like Yoohyun's character that was trapped in love full of deceit and lies. But the feeling of love in the storyline inspires me to experience it in real life (T/N : as in Yoochun want to feel love not the cheat) 

"It must be really beautiful when your heart is focused on your loved one. I do miss the feeling of being in love and i hope i still have the chance after failing in previous relationships. Honestly, while portraying the character, i missed the sweetness of falling in love. I think it's a beautiful feeling and very romantic" he said. 

Since the owner of this killer smile has shared his love stories, questions about his dream girl were raised.

The topic started to touch on his personal lives, but Yoochun is the elder of two siblings seems quite cool to answer such questions. "I have not set any criteria about my dream girl. The important thing is for my mother to like her" said Yoochun. 
So what are his mother's criteria?

Yoochun just smiled and said, "I don't know what type of girls my mother would like because we never discussed about it. When i first become a singer and actor, that main focus is to make my mother and brother happy. Love and girlfriends sort of took a back seat. But i admit that i am a romantic" said Yoochun. He had tweeted about going for blind dates with the help of Jaejoong while they were in Barcelona and Berlin for JYJ concerts recently.

Yoochun is indeed a loving person and is someone who treasures his family. He has a younger brother actor Park Yoohwan. After their parent's divorce, Yoochun shouldered most of the responsibilities. He explained that his mother's well being and her happiness would continue to be his priority. "I grew up with mu mother and younger brother. My mother has sacrificed a lot so now it's my turn  to show her my gratitude. I don't want her to feel any sadness and i hope to make all her wishes come true."

"Even though we stay in the same house, it's quite hard to meet Yoohwan because both of us a very busy especially when he's filming A Thousand Smiles drama. But what's interesting is that we always exchange our ideas about how to improve i our careers" added Yoochun.

After the success of their first EP and then debut album, The Beginning which has distributed in October 2010, JYJ proceeded with second full album In Heaven last September in 2011.

Yoochun who has acted in Banjun Theater and Vacation series, is now busy working on JYJ's new album.

Soon Yoochun will appear in a new drama project called Crown Prince on a Rooftop playing a role of a Joseon crown prince who time travelled 300 years to the modern era to look for his princess bride. This romantic comedy drama will be aired starting March 14 in South Korea.

Yoochun is now busy rehearsing for JYJ concert in South America in this coming March.  

 # Yoochun received a total of eight (8) prestigious awards. He portrayed Lee Soon Joon character in Sungkyunkwan Scandal and later as Song Yoohyun in Miss Ripley, making millions of women fall head over heels over him.

# JYJ is still blocked from appearing on national television in South Korea due to the impending lawsuit with Sm Entertainment. The first and last time they appeared was during a television performance on #0 December 2010.

# According to tvN television report, Yoochun's accumulative income of USD 20million and annual income of USD 10million, anabled him to be listed as the fourth highest earning artiste in Korea in 2011.

# The company which distributed Ottogi Ramen reported that nearly eight (8) millions of Ottogi Ramen were sold within 20 days after being endorsed by Yoochun.

# In 2009, Yoochun gave his mother an ice cream shop and in 2011 purchased a villa worth millions to stay with his mother and younger brother.

# Yoochun ha high respect for Yoohwan's determination and strict discipline to maintain his body, skin and food intake.

# Portal monkey3 recently had poll "which man understands women the most?" Park Yoochun garnered the highest votes with 46% votes.

# Yoochun has voted as Asia's Most popular Artiste in a poll organized by Yahoo! and Seoul Drama International Awards with 480,000 votes. He also defeated other popular actors like Hyun Bin, Kim Hyun Joong and many others.

# Response towards Sungkyunkwan Scandal drama also increased when Yoochun together with his band mates JYJ sang the OST Chajatta or Found You.

A as JYJ band member, Yoochun is also involved in promoting apparel NII, Lotte tax free shopping chain, mobile phones LG, Penzal Q and skin care products Nature's Republic.

Source : Harian Metro
Trans credit : @popqueen1711 @missjkhan
Photo credit : @ifmickycomes @dcindysue
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