Friday, July 15, 2011


Jeoneun M!ra Imnida ^__^

M!ra MaHaRa a.k.a m!raHara_sh!
 August 24,  
 Lovely w!fe to WM Azha!r!
LoVe coOk!ng, gardEn!ng, collecting graphic novel & 
have a very big passion for k-pop music.. 
I am precious Jaejoong bias and JYJ unchanging supporter!!
 AdOpt tWo naughty meOw (ChiMoT & ChiTam)
AdOpt another 4 cuties kitten (Ocean, Millo, Bulan & Bintang)

 Tend 2 cute green turtle's (BaT!k & sOngkeT)

This is my personal blog. I write and share all that happened in my life including my passion for JYJ trio. I uses two different language to write, Malay language for personal but sometimes i use English too and English for all the stories about JYJ.  To all readers, thank you so much for wanting to read and respect for each other.
Annyeong *wave ^.^/

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