Friday, March 9, 2012

Chaotic Arrival Of JYJ To Chile For Their Concert

The member of the K-pop group were welcomed by hundreds of fans who did't keep the order in the airport of Santiago de Chile.

After delays in the flight which was bringing the members of the Kpop group JYJ to Chile, finally they arrived to the Southern caital in the middle of chaos, according to the reports of the fans who went to receive them at the airport.

Through their facebook page, the fan club informed that even although they were well organised at the beginning to avoid the mess, there was a rumour about a change in the exit JYJ would use after taking off. According to JYJ Fans Chile, that provoked the chaos at the airport, as the human barrier created to protect them was broken.

"The boys crossed the screen area and people run to see the. Few guards went there. Chilean policeman just looked, nothing else and they didn't help at all", they describe in their Facebook page. "Yoochun was the first one who left and he got in the car quickly. After him, there was Junsu's, who seemed very tired and scared. Jaejoong was the last one and he was smiling", they added.

Source : RPP Noticias
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