Friday, March 9, 2012

Yongwoong Jaejoong…I Want To Look Like You!

The entertainer Koreans most want to look like is Kim Jaejoong.

Company KTH created a face-resemblance smartphone application called "The Pudding Face Recognition For Resemblance to Superstars". In February, Korean man and women  were polled to see which artist they hoped they would look like and a top ten list was formed from the aggregate response.

With "The Pudding Face Recognition", a person can take a picture of their face with their smartphone and then the app will analyze their facial features and tell them which Superstars they have the most facial similarities with. It also offers a feature in which people can share their result with the general public.

In the month February, more than three million people used the "pudding face regulation: app, and over 266 million total have been downloaded it. Of those who have used the application, the majority of men said that the number 1 celebrity they wanted to look like was Kim Jaejoong, while females picked IU as the number 1 female entertainer. 

In addition, Doojoon from BEAST, Lee Joon from MBLAQ, Jiyeon from T-ARA and Jeom Hyosung from Secret also made the top 10 list of superstars whom people wished they look like, showing the popularity and visual beauty of these artists.

[parts that do not include Jaejoong were omitted] 

Source : Korea Economic via Nate
Photo : Frapbois
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