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SM Entertainment: Reasons Why They Target JYJ And In Particular, Jaejoong?

The plans SM had to disrupt JYJ's success have failed. The scenario they had hoped for was not able to happen. This can be proven by all the worldwide attention JYJ has been getting. Here's proof :-

In Japan 2012, JYJ and Jaejoong receive #1 for various pools

~The artist that people wish to eat breakfast with in the morning : 1st place, Jaejoong (JYJ)~

~The artist who looks like they are the best at cooking : 1st place, Kim Jaejoong (JYJ)~

~The K-POP star one would like to see the most in a drama : 1st place, Kim Jaejoong (JYJ)~

~The artist one would like the most to go cherry-blossom viewing with : 1st place, Kim Jaejoong (JYJ)~ 

~<The #1 artist you'd like to give chocolate to on Valentine's Days> First place was Kim Jaejoong. All JYJ members ranked in the poll,however among them, Jaejoong himself was able to take first place. Another poll <A KPOP loye song you'd most want to listen to on Valentine's Day> ranked Kim Jaejoong's "Protect The Boss" soundtrack, "I'll protect you" as #1~

One of the "Support" busses that JYJ Japanese fans organized to request for JYJ's activities in Japan.

~Ordinary, everyday fashion idol goes to #1 Kim Jaejoong and #2 Park Yoochun (JYJ)

Japan's KBOOM : The artist you'd want on the front cover of the magazine, 1st place JYJ

In Japan, if you wanted to star in a drama, which Korean drama?
~1st place, Protect The Boss~
~2nd place, Miss Ripley~

Japan's Innolife 2012, the #1 anticipated drama : 1st place, "Rooftop Prince" 

Kim Jaejoong : Thailand Cultural Mission
On the 2nd and 3rd Kim Jaejoong left for Bangkok to Thailand earlier that the other two members sp that he could prepare for the World Tour concert in Thailand. Alongside the management 411's representative, Kim Jaejoong had the opportunity to pay his respects to the Thai King. Thailand's largest shopping center (2nd largest in all Asia) called "Siam Paragon" emptied an entire floor of their shopping center for Jaejoong. (411's representative was able to "reserve" the floor for a cheap price). Even though it was still during shopping center business hour, the fact that a whole floor was emptied out for him ans store only open door for him instead of other shoppers really surprised Jaejoong.   

  February 6th, 2012 Turkey

Kim Jaejoong visits Turkey and meets Turkey's President, and government officials as well as Korea's President Lee Myun Bak, his wife and other government officials as a "side" event (promoting better cultural-relation between Turkey and Korea) to the fan-meeting he was originally went to Turkey for. He met with them at Ankara University. At his fan meeting, 600 people volunteered but there were know to be 2,000 people who requested to volunteer. Jaejoong's fan meeting was know to be the first Korean fan-meeting. At the cultural event, President Lee Myung Buk personally introduced Kim Jaejoong himself. On the 7thth of the month, Kim Jang Gwan even took to his twitter and thanked the President as well as JYJ member Jaejoong for attending the event.  

March 10, 2012 in Peru, "The Prince"

During the press conference at the hotel, 3,000 fans waited outside and even caused traffic. When reporters asked if JYJ were surprised about their popularity, the said yes. The way of fans in Peru was like that of fans in Korea so they were both intrigued and surprised. They never thought their popularity would be that great. For the sake of their fans, after the press conference the three members went to the 4th floor balcony. The amount of love that fans had for their music made them happy and thankful.

5,000 seats all sold out. An added extra 1,000 seats were also sold out.

Trans commentary-in conclusion, why is SM targeting JYJ and Jaejoong? It's because JYJ is SUCCESSFUL without SM. So many people all over the world are still very much interested in JYJ and each of the members. Thus, SM feels threatened. If JYJ failed, there'd have been no reason for SM to care about JYJ. This demonstrates, JYJ is going GREAT without SM and why it seems SM is always trying to prevent them from going about their activities.

Source : Daum JYJ Telzone
Translated by : Buniu of JYJ3
Shared by : sph_mirahara

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