Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Countdown Begins For JYJ In Lima

This March 11 the k-pop fans will have the opportunity to be near one of the most important boy bands of the moment : JYJ will be performing a concert in Lima like the best shows in the world.

The bot band will perform at the Esplanade south of he Estadio Monumental in Ate starting at 8 pm in an event that includes digital set design, runway, special effect and sound quality first class at the same height of the concert JYJ has offered in Seoul and Barcelona, confirmed by Noizu Productions.

It should be noted that for and event of this magnitude the organizers take that appropriate security measures to accommodate the thousands of fans who attend the Stadium Peruvians and many who come from Ecuador, Bolivia, Venezuela, among others.

"We have the best security for the event day, ambulances, firefighters, police and we also have an agreement with the nearest clinic if there is a problem in the concert". Young said as reported    

Source : RPP Noticias
Credit : @fathiah
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