Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Prince Jaejoongie In Blonde!!!

This is prince new appearance~with blonde hair!! 
Very good on him and his really hot, don't you think? Just quite hard to see his gorgeous doe eyes hiding by the bags. Taking this photo itself from his personal bed room. I recognize the blue wall paper.. ^^

I am so happy to see his new appearance, possible for his new mood after facing a lot of pressure recently. I'm glad his getting better. But i wonder is he who uploaded this photo or any other person hacked his profile. This is his display profile. Possible some sasaeng fan hacked his profile? If it's true, i feel horrible.. for sure his not happy. Well, who will be happy if had someone hacked your personal profile, right?

Hopefully your heart growing stronger my sunshine along with your two cute dongsaengs to face this cruel Korean entertainment. Do not let the situation destroyed your passion to music and your dream. We always stand by you~the awesome JYJ!!    

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