Monday, March 19, 2012

Letter To My Beloved Jaejoong

Tweet from one of Jaejoong's sister
[TRANS] "Everyone, please give Jaejoong a lot of strength and support. He is in a lot of pain right now/he is feeling really down right now. " Source : @kkjj4 Trans : Buniu of JYJ3

My dear Jaejoongie,
i felt worried to death after read this translation. Never cross in my mind that you're still in bad condition. i thought you'll getting better. Jaejoong-ah, i do not think you would be down, weak and broken like this. Yoochun ever said your weakness is "you care too much" till it turn into harm yourself. Please, don't thinking too much for now on. Get yourself together, gain your energy and health back. Rest and do anything can cheer you up. Left all the painful behind. Breathe Joongie breathe!!

Yes Jae,
i know people say a lot of bad thing about you and JYJ and its broken your heart to pieces but please, please look at us, your fans, your truly fans and never pay attention to those who want to overthrow you. Every struggle in your life has shaped you into the person you are today, more better and stronger.  

Sometimes when situation gets you down, remember there's someone who cares a lot.  Absolutely, your family, truly friends and us your JYJ family(your real fans around the world). We're not only share smiling when you're happy and success but abandon you when you fail and broken. We were willing to cry hard and smile bright together with you. Always believe in yourself and follow your heart no matter what the challenges are. It's a real key for success. 

Oh baby,
You know something, let me tell you a secret. You know that your beautiful smile is always highly anticipated by everyone. Your smile can heal hearts sorrow and the strength of your smile can cause people stop crying in sorrow but tears of happiness. But when the smile is gone from your face, it feel like living in the dark cause your smile is a light so I really wanted to see your bright and warm smile back to your gentle face again.

My dear Hero Kim JaeJoong,
I know you strong enough to fight, don't lose your faith.  Never think you're nothing. Never tell yourself you'll never good enough because to someone, you're everything. Yes, you're everything. I love your songs, i admire your smile, i adore your innocent-looking eyes and I love you so much. We love you!!

Lots of love from Malaysia,

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