Thursday, March 22, 2012

"The More Pain Jaejoong Is In, The Shorter My Haircut Is”

[TRANS] : Got a haircut to alter my mood ^^. It's the first time i got my hair cut this short, so i'm still getting used to it. The more pain Jaejoong is in, the shorter my haircut is.

Somehow his silence makes me worried too. I bet everybody worried much about him. All the incident came up recently make him totally down. This is very bad and i'm feeling bad too because i only be able encourages him from distant. Every morning i woke up and wonder 'how are u today', 'whether u will tweet something about yourself today' or 'post your selca photo with those cute smile back on your gorgeous face'... Please put your self together and lets step out from the dim light..  Get well soon dear, i'll pray hard for your happiness. My sunshine is in a painful moment, its really hard for you, me and all your fans to face it. I will continue to wait until my sun shines bright again. Jaejoong fighting!!!

Source : @mk_taiji + HeroBar
Trans : Fann of JYJ3
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