Friday, March 9, 2012

JYJ Is Thankful For First Visit In Chile

At 4pm this Thursday, the group held a press conference where Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu posed in front cameras and gave thanks for being in this country.

The popular JYJ trio is currently in Chile to hold their long-waited for concert on Friday, March 9th at the Caupolican Theater. For this reason, the group appeared before national media for a press conference where they discussed their trip and other topics. At 4pm, Jaejoong Yoochun and Junsu posed in front of cameras and gave thanks for being in Chile.

Despite being in the country for only few hours, during the event, the group commented on how much they were surprised by the Chilean culture. Also, Junsu expressed his view on music piracy, a controversial issues, to which the group assured that "music is a language that unites all".

In additional, the group has scheduled a second performance in South America on Sunday, March 11 in Lima, Peru.

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Translated by : eternally_by_your_side of JYJ3
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