Thursday, March 22, 2012

"Jaejoong Hyung-nim Is My Savior" - Lee Seung Hyun

Question : You were in an idol group "Focuz", how did you decide to choose musical as another challenge?
Answer : I had loved singing and dancing very much and before i had a wish to be an actor because my mother was an actress. I thought the genre that includes all these thing (singing, dancing and acting) is musical and it is the stage that i can express my talent. I wanted to start at the very bottom as a trainee. But i had no chance at all, the JYJ Jaejoong hyung contacted me unexpectedly. Before i had talked a lot that i want to do musical, the Jaejoong hyung-nim had kept it in mind and told me "Why don't you take an audition? There's a good role." I am really thankful. He is like the savior of my life.  

Source : Naver Blog
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Credit : JYJ3
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